Hello, blogger!
Do you have a great blog that isn’t getting many views? Are you striving to get traffic to your blog posts?
For you, it can be very difficult not having an audience to read your blogs, however, once you have your own audience, enormous impacts will be there!

Today, social media is the most powerful source for driving traffic and increasing your blog presence.

Follow the below list to help you grow an audience for your blog posts via Social media

Facebook: (1.32 Billion daily users on average for June 2017)


  1. Share your blog posts on your personal profile and/or your page and encourage your friends/followers to share it across their profiles/pages.
  2. Use Facebook groups that are related to your niche, share your blog posts on them, but don’t forget to read the group rules before you do the share because some groups don’t allow it.

QUICK INFO: 57 percent of social content sharing activity took place on Facebook.


Instagram: (200 Million daily active users on average for April 2017)


  1. Share your blog posts multiple times to increase the chance of the click through to your blog, make sure you use catchy content and image with each share.
  2. Increase your CTA (Call To Action) click by giving people a reason to click your blog post link, don’t just tell them to click it, you should specify what’s the use of reading your blog.

QUICK INFO: 4.2 Billion average likes per day on Instagram.

Twitter: (328 Million monthly active users on average for the second quarter of 2017)


  1. Post multiple times every day and it should be at an optimal time for your audience, so you need to know when is it likely that your audience are on Twitter to share your blog and increase the chance of the click through. You can use scheduling tools if you can’t be around at the time your audience are.
  2. Using (1-2) hashtag/s with each shared tweet about your blog increases the likelihood that it will be seen by Twitter users, especially if you don’t know your audience.

QUICK INFO: 500 Million Tweets are sent per day.

LinkedIn: (40% of the 500 Million LinkedIn users use LinkedIn daily on average for 2017)

linkedIn logo

  1. LinkedIn is the largest online network for professionals, so if your blog posts are about Resumes, CVs, Interviews, Jobs, or any other related topics this should be your number 1 platform for growing your audience.

QUICK INFO: 3 Million users share content on LinkedIn weekly.>

Social media influencers:

Influencers can be a powerful way to grow an audience of readers for your blog.
Steps to use this strategy:

  1. Find an influencer that has the followers that match your target audience.
  2. Contact the influencer to get to an agreement about how he/she is going to talk about your blog and how much are you going to pay for it.

Engaging with your followers:

engage audience

  1. Show your audience that you are always connected to them by replying to their negative/positive comments is always a good sign.
  2. Ask your followers questions, sometimes they give you an idea to write about.

Social media sharing buttons on your blog/website:

sharing buttons

  1. Make it easier for your audience to share your blog posts with one click by implementing share buttons for Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/LinkedIn/ any other social media platform you or your audience are on.
  2. Remember that when they share it you win more audience.

Share other bloggers posts:


  1. Sharing other blogger posts increase your credibility because when your audience see that they will trust you more.
  2. If you do this you are encouraging other bloggers to share your blog posts too, which is a win for you.

Headlines are important:

  1. You need to work on catchy headlines a lot, because this is the first thing a reader will see, headlines are also the first thing that will show up on search engines.
  2. Revise your headline multiple times and make sure it will get readers to scroll down to the article.

High-quality images:

high quality images

  1. Blog posts with images get 94 percent more attention.
  2. Don’t ever use other than high quality and meaningful pictures that relate to your blog post topic.

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