I hope you have already tried to change your WordPress Username but somehow you couldn’t. We will be sharing two different methods through which you can change your WordPress Username very easily. Although the complete procedure is not very complex but still it needs some special tools or we can say it has some particular steps to be followed. Earlier You might not have the proper knowledge but after reading this article you will become expert of changing WordPress Username.

But if you are just reading this article just for gaining some knowledge then you have to understand What are the reasons that may lead you to change the Username?

Why to change Username?

  • Security could be a reason, if you had shared your important login details with someone back in the days then, changing your Username can add a new layer of security to your Website.
  • While Installing the WordPress, you might have opted the “admin” username and now you want to change it.
  • Sometimes, while selling a website personal name as a “username” can affect the impression on client thus, for your client you want to change.
  • You might want to switch your username to something more relevant to your niche.

If you feel insecure then too it is recommended to change the WordPress username. Apart from these, above-mentioned reasons will cover your excuse to change your WordPress Password. It is not suggested to change the username just for fun as if something goes wrong then, your website may affect badly.

Now, let’s moves towards the methods through which you can change the WordPress Username Quickly.

Method 1: Change the Username using a special WordPress Plugin

In this method, You simply have to install a Plugin and rest it will do for you. Follow the below-mentioned steps to get appropriate results.

  1. Go to Plugin>>Add New section and install a plugin named as “Username Changer”.
  2. How to change wordpress username plugin

  3. Now go to users >> All Users and then click on edit link for the user you want to change username.
  4. change wordpress admin username

  5. Click on Change username link and then username field will become an editable field.
  6. change username wordpress plugin

  7. Now, replace the older username with the new desired Username and click on save username button.
  8. how to change wordpress username wordpress plugin

  9. You will see that your username is saved. Now you need to scroll down and hit the save button.

Username change in wordpress

Congratulations! You have successfully changed the WordPress Username of your Website.
change wordpress plugin using wordpress plugin

Method 2: Create another user and delete the existing one.

The simplest procedure you can follow to change your WordPress Password is by creating a new User on your WordPress website with the desired name and you can assign the accessibilities that existing user have. once doing this, you can delete the existing User.

Note: Before trying this method, let me tell you that the user that you will be created must have the administration privileges in order to delete existing. As Admin account has the rights to delete another Admin account.

Follow the steps if you still have some confusion.

  1. Go to Users tab from your WordPress dashboard and then click on Add New button to add a new user.
  2. How to change wordpress username

  3. Create a user with your desired username and enter all required details. Administrator role should be selected otherwise you will not be able delete existing user.
  4. change wordpress username

  5. After creating new user, Delete the existing (older) User.
  6. change wordpress username without plugin

  7. After deleting old user you should assign content to the new user otherwise all content created by older user will be deleted. After this click on Confirm Deletion button.
  8. wordpress username change

Congratulations! You have successfully changed your WordPress Username.

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