5 Best Google Analytics WordPress Plugins

Google Analytics (GA) is a free and powerful tool from Google that is used to monitor your website traffic. Once you will add your website to Google Analytics, you can view all insights of your site, in google analytics dashboard.

But if you have created a WordPress website then you can easily integrate Google Analytics with your website dashboard. This means you can view all insights of your site, under your WordPress dashboard.

Below is the list of top 5 google analytics wordpress plugins through which you can integrate Google Analytics with your WordPress website.

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP by ExactMetrics (GADWP)

GADWP is defined as one of the most popular plugins, with the highest number of active installations. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP enables you to track your sites using the latest GA tracking code and allows you to view key GA statistics in your WordPress dashboard.

This plugin also helps you track specific events on your site. Some of these include emails, downloads, page scrolling depth, and affiliate links. You can even create HTML elements that allow you to track custom events and actions.

One of the key features of Google Analytics Dashboard for WP is the front-end viewing option. This makes your administration job easier because it enables you to set up your reports on the front-end of your site’s pages. It also allows front-end viewing permissions for the other people you work with on the same website.

With this plugin, you can view reports like web traffic channels and their rates, Pageviews, Bounce rates, Browsers, Operating systems, Screen resolutions, Social networks, 404 errors, Keywords, etc. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP plugin is free and it’s a great option for those looking for a free Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. It’s a top recommendation for any website.


One of the things I love about MonsterInsights is that it’s easy to install and use. It has over 2 million users worldwide. It is one of the best google analytics WordPress plugin.

With MonsterInsights you will be able to view all the reports directly from your dashboard.

This plugin provides you with extensive reports about your website including
Audience Report
This entails,

  • Their Gender.
  • Their Age breakdown.
  • Devices in use, i.e. (desktop, mobile, tablet)
  • User location
  • Categories.

Behavior Report
This report entails,

  • Sessions.
  • Average session duration.
  • Bounce rates.
  • Referrals.
  • Terms used while search.
  • Outbound links.

If you happen to identify popular outbound links on your website, try using them as potential partnership opportunities. Keep your focus on referral channels that are driving the most traffic.

Content Report
Here is where you get to know the top performing landing pages. You are able to see the visits, average duration as well as the bounce rates for each page.

Based on these results, you will be able to optimize those pages to drive conversions.

Ecommerce Report

  • Here you will get to know about
  • The transactions
  • Revenue
  • Average order values
  • Top conversion sources.
  • Conversions etc.

You can never go wrong by installing the MonsterInsights plugin. However, it’s not free! Its pricing begins as low as $99.50 per year! But for the e-commerce sites, the pro version is recommended. It goes for $199.50 per annum. For those with agencies and the developers, don’t worry, your interests are also well covered because your package goes for $499.50 per annum only.

As far as am concerned, this rate is pretty fair considering you will be using it on up to 25 sites!

Analytify – Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress

Just like the other plugins, Analytify also eliminates the manual way of adding your Google Analytics tracking code to your site. All you need to do is install the plugin and then click ones and the code is automatically authenticated and added. For those hesitant to add code to your WordPress sites, am sure this is good news indeed.

With this plugin, you have all of the standard Google Analytics reports and statistics. You will be able to view reports from the comfort of your dashboard! That sounds fun to me, how about you?

One of the things that make this plugin stand out from the rest is its extras. These extras include premium add-ons for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads integrations.

Analytify WordPress plugin is also a fantastic option for e-commerce businesses because it has enhanced e-commerce tracking. This enables you to know how many visitors added items to their shopping cart as well as knowing when people are leaving the cart. This will help you in optimizing your checkout process in order to avoid shopping cart abandonment.

Analytify will also provide you with an automated email report.

Its pricing isn’t bad either. It’s as low as $39 for one site. Please note that all Add-ons are purchased separately, ranging between $19 and $49. It also offers an all-in-one package of $129 per annum which is inclusive of installations and add-ons.

This is the most cost-effective deal if you’re planning to purchase add-ons.

WP Google Analytics Events

WP Google Analytics Events is a pretty cool plugin which allows you to monitor specific user interactions and also allows you to scrolls to a specific point of interest on your site.

Google Analytics introduced Events to allow tracking of some custom metrics that were not based on page views. The tracking of events is normally done by writing Codes using JavaScript, which actually not WordPress way hence WP Google Analytics Events end had to be created to allow usage of this feature without writing Codes.

With this Plugin, you can set goals, navigate, compare the performance of the call to action button, you can know how many readers read up to the very end of an article, you can track links, etc.

So if you are interested in having detailed information with how users are interacting with specific pages on your website, you’ll want to install this plugin. It’s much quick and easy to install.

Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin for WooCommerce

Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin for WooCommerce is absolutely free! It allows you to use Enhanced Ecommerce to track user behavior in your store. With this feature, you are able to track up to the smallest interactions in your site such as the number of people reading your product details, items added to their carts, number of carts abandoned, etc


Now that you have all the information you need to know about Google Analytics, am sure it will be a piece of cake to distinguish which amongst the 5 plugins is best suitable for your website.

The beauty about it all is that they are applicable across the board (for those with money and those without).
So the ball is in your court!

Go get yourself a Google Analytics Now!

No matter what type of website you have, I know there’s a Google Analytics plugin for you on this list.


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