50 High PR Social Sookmarking Sites

Do you want more than 10,000 relevant visitors every day for your website or blog?

Some bloggers complain that even writing articles consistently they are not getting a good amount of traffic to their blogs. And they think that it’s impossible to get this amount of traffic.

But this is possible if you apply the correct On-page and OFF-page SEO techniques to your blog.

In this article, I will introduce an easy technique through which you can gain a great amount of traffic for your blog using 50+ high PR Social Bookmarking Sites.

As you know that know how important SEO is for your Blog.

To achieve higher rankings in Google or any other search engines, you have to follow some SEO techniques like Directory Submission, Blog Commenting, Guest Posting, etc.

Apart from this, there is a technique called Social Bookmarking which will work as a magic for your blog to achieve higher rankings in search engines in a very short amount of time.

I have listed near about 50 sites because getting a quality backlink from a quality website is more important than quantity

What is Social Bookmarking?

Social Bookmarking is one of the Off-Page SEO techniques.  On Social Bookmarking websites, you can share your site or blog content like images, articles, videos and webpage links with other audience to get the direct exposure & appreciation. This appreciation can be in the form of comments, likes, and shares. It will generate traffic for your blog.

Now the question comes in mind How Google ranks your blog by just sharing content or links of the websites?

When you share a link in quality Social Bookmarking sites, search engines get a signal that community audience of these sites is liking your posts then automatically Google algorithms take your site to a higher rank in search results.

How to do Social Bookmarking?

It is a very simple process. First, you have to choose the High PR bookmarking site. I’m choosing Mix

Let me show you how you can do this.

Step 1.  Create an account on mix.com. Previously it was known as Stumbleupon.

You can create an account on mix.com using Gmail, Facebook or Twitter. I am going to use my Facebook account.

Top high quality social bookmarking sites

After signing in, you will see the home screen of mix.com.

Step 2. For sharing your blog post, Click on the plus icon from the top right of the screen and then this popup will appear. Now you just need to enter your blog post URL here and that’s it.

Congratulations, You have successfully bookmarked your blog post.

how to do social bookmarking

Note: Every website has a different process of submitting the website links.

Benefits of Social Bookmarking

Higher Rankings:
Everybody wants to rank well in search engines for their blog posts. It was my aim too. In my early days of blogging, I managed to rank on the First page of Google just by doing Bookmarking on few sites like Mix & Reddit.

I was a bit surprised by the power of Social Bookmarking. In less than 2 weeks there was a tremendous improvement in my blog ranking as well as CTR (Click through Rate).

Increase in Traffic:
Social Bookmarking is a very good source to drive traffic to your blog. When your blog posts get clicks, likes, shares & comments then these bookmarking sites show your posts in trending or popular posts and from these sites, you gain a lot of traffic.

More Traffic = More Leads

Branding & Subscriptions
Social Bookmarking helps you to build your brand & reputation. When you get more votes or likes by community people you automatically gain targeted traffic & more traffic always leads to more subscriber base. People fill their emails in forms so that they can get the latest updates from your blog. These subscribers are assets for you.

Good effect on SEO
As I have already mentioned that Social Bookmarking is one of the SEO Techniques which has a very good impact on SEO. It is basically the safest way to build quality backlinks. Most of the Bookmarking sites allow Dofollow link so you can really gain a quality link from these sites.

Fast Indexing
Social Bookmarking index links very fast in Google & other search engines. So if you are having enough backlinks pointing to your site then you gain quality backlinks quickly.

Tips for Productive Social Bookmarking

In WordPress, there are many Social Bookmarking Plugins which will add a bookmark to your blog posts from where users can quickly share your posts.  Here I’ll give you some tips for effective Social Bookmarking.

  1. While Bookmarking, always use variations in Titles, Descriptions & Anchor Text.
  2. Use Quality Content. Your rankings, Subscription rates & CTR depend on the quality of your content.
  3. Always use interesting & relevant titles. Do not stuff excessive keywords in your titles.
  4. Never use Automatic Tools which will bookmark your links in hundreds of websites.
  5. While doing Bookmarking only select relevant category.
  6. Add bookmark icons at the bottom of your blog posts.

List of Top Social Bookmarking Sites List in 2021

Sr.No. Social Bookmarking Sites Alexa Rank
1. https://www.facebook.com/ 6
2. https://twitter.com/ 47
3. https://www.reddit.com/ 18
4. https://www.tumblr.com/ 114
5. https://www.pinterest.com/ 149
6. https://www.plurk.com/portal/ 1,553
7. https://mix.com/ 11,810
8. https://www.scoop.it/ 9,736
9. https://flipboard.com/ 6,541
10. https://myspace.com/ 1,931
11. https://slashdot.org/ 15,037
12. bookmarkingbase.com 20,668
13. http://www.techsite.io 16,077
14. https://www.bizsugar.com/ 15,853
15. https://getpocket.com/ 853
16. http://ttlink.com/ 23,103
17. http://www.folkd.com/ 26,620
18. http://thehive.onsocialengine.com/ 81,732
19. https://digg.com/ 3,049
20. https://papaly.com/ 21,555
21. https://www.bibsonomy.org/ 22,088
22. https://www.fark.com/ 6,385
23. http://www.bookmark4you.com/ 18,892
24. http://www.whitelinks.com 18,422
25. http://www.sitejot.com/ 20,855
26. https://www.zumvu.com/ 31,815
27. https://www.pearltrees.com/ 5,798
28. http://yoomark.com/ 15,624
29. https://www.minds.com/ 11,928
30. https://my.bookmax.net/ 17,754
31. https://refind.com/ 14,561
32. https://zeef.com/ 25,068
33. https://linkarena.com/ 47,449
34. https://www.techdirt.com/ 19,738
35. kinja.com/ 12,413
36. https://www.pixnet.net/ 95
37. https://www.bagtheweb.com 21,647
38. https://list.ly/ 37,482
39. https://www.instapaper.com/ 26,935
40. https://medium.com/ 100
41. http://aixindashi.org/ 52,782
42. weheartit.com/ 3,015
43. http://www.4mark.net/ 20,834
44. https://www.blogbookmark.com/ 194,383
45. https://www.trendiee.com/ 24,126
46. http://draggo.com/ 189,031
47. https://www.protopage.com/ 23,314
48. http://www.yemle.com/ 25,492
49. http://www.a1bookmarks.com/ 36,724
50. http://www.bookmarkfeeds.com/ 27,691

Please not that Alexa.com is discontinued now but their rank is still a good measurement for the quality of these bookmarking websites.

Final Words

Social Bookmarking is very helpful to build your brand’s reputation. It will drive consistent & targeted traffic to your blog by increasing the user’s activity on your blog.  It is all-time best off-page SEO technique for any blog or website.

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