So, you have your blog and website set up. You have killer content and a catchy name and logo. Basically, you have everything you need to have a successful blog or website. But, as the days pass, you notice you’re not getting the traffic you’d be expecting. Don’t worry, you can change that. You simply need to learn how to direct traffic to your blog or website. Just because you have a blog or website online, doesn’t mean your work is done, you still have to do a couple of things to make sure your blog or website gets the attention it deserves.

These are some ways with which you can generate to your website:

1. Share content more than once

share content

Many bloggers fail because they’re not sharing their content. You may have great content, however, if no one sees it, it doesn’t mean anything. So, you need to make sure you’re not sharing your content once and then forgetting about it. Instead, you need to make sure your content is being shared over various social media platforms and re-shared on those platforms after a month or two from its first publishing. Not everyone is going to see your content the first time you share it, so make sure you re-share after a month or two, that way, you’ll get those who missed it the first time.


2. Write Catchy Titles or Headlines

You should write catchy Titles or Headlines so that it will grab the attention of readers. For example, I am on the google page and I can see two articles there. On the first article, it’s written “Create a blog” and the second article title is The Ultime Guide to Create a Blog in 20 minutes. So there will be more chances that you will click the second article because it has a more catchy name which will grab the attention of the reader. So it is recommended to use effective titles for your articles.

3. Use social media

Social media, for the most part, is the best way to advertise your blog or website. You can create a Twitter account, a Facebook page, an Instagram account – you literally have all these tools available for you to promote yourself. So, make sure you take advantage of them. Through the various social media platforms, you’ll be able to hit different demographics and direct them to your blog/website. If you’re only using Facebook, you’re limiting your audience.

Social media advertisement can be free or paid. It’s completely your choice in which way to want to promote your website. If you will go for a paid advertisement then you will start seeing results very quickly. Now I will show you how different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram help you to generate traffic to your website.

Facebook: Facebook has near about 1.94 billion active users and users of Facebook are increasing day by day. So we can say that Facebook is the best option to advertise our website. On Facebook both free and paid advertising is available. Facebook free advertisement is very effective. Means if you don’t want to spend money on advertisement even then you can promote your business or website on Facebook. These are the things you can do on Facebook:

1. Share your articles with relevant groups to drive traffic to your website.

share Content to relevant groups

In this image, you can see that I have shared my first article to Learn to blog 100 Days group and within just 1 day I got 250 visits to my website and I got 15 likes and 4 comments on my article. This is just about 1 group so now you can understand that how much traffic you can generate by sharing content to relevant groups.

2. Create your business page and create your own audience
Creating your business page will help you to create your own audience. You can share your facebook page link on groups and on the comments section to drive traffic to your Facebook page and you can add facebook like box to your website as well. So users who are coming to your website will like your page from your website and they will become your regular audience.

facebook like box

In this image, you can see that I have added facebook like box to my website so that visitors can like my page and they will become my regular audience. So every time whenever I will share a new Facebook post then they will get notified automatically.

3. Comment under posts on facebook

share your comments

In this image, you can see that a user is asking about the Twitter tool and on comment box a user has shared a website link so that people who are seeing this post will click on this link. So in this way this user is driving traffic to his website.

4. Paid Advertisement

The other option available on Facebook is paid promotion and it’s very beneficial because you will start getting traffic in less time and it is not very expensive. With the paid promotion, you can target a specific audience according to their age, location, gender, interests etc. You can see an example of paid ads below.

facebook paid advertisement

Twitter: Twitter is another social media giant to promote your website. It has built on the foundation of Micro-Blogging and is an incredible way to connect with your targeted audience if you will use it properly. Twitter has 100 million daily active users. So now you can understand that you have targeted audience on Twitter as well. You need to follow these steps to promote your business on Twitter:

1. Use a real photo of you.
2. Always post relevant content.
3. Engage in conversations.

With twitter you can create your own audience means you can make your followers on Twitter. when you will post something on twitter your followers will be notified automatically. Now you can understand the importance of Twitter.

Note: There are some platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ etc which you can use to generate traffic to your website.

4. Find different ways to show your content

write for me

You need to find various ways to publicize your content. At the moment, you have your content written on your site, but what about audio books? Ebooks? Podcast? You should know that just because you have written an article, it doesn’t have to stay in that form. You can market it in different ways. So, try various techniques. Yes, have written content, but also try something like a podcast – this will help build a discussion around your content which in the end develops a community.

5. Write for other influential blogs/websites

You’re probably a great writer, you wouldn’t be creating a blog or website if you weren’t. But just because you have your own blog or website, it doesn’t mean you should stop writing for other websites. In fact, you should be making sure that you write for other websites/blogs that are in the same niche as you. This way, you’ll be able to direct visitors from their site onto yours. So, don’t be shy to write for other sites, even if it’s for free. The reward is much greater than a couple of dollars.

6. Have guest writers

It’s worth having influential guest writers on your blog/website. You will most likely have to pay for their services, however, your blog/website will be shown as reliable and valuable to that niche topic. Influential writers already have the following and social media presence which you don’t have yet. So, by doing this, you’re opening yourself up to an entire community which is already well established.

7. Keep it simple

keep it simple

Don’t stress out and think that you have to come up with this impressively gigantic strategy to get visitors to your blog or website. It’s really simple to do, this is why many people are scared of trying it out. They think that there’s some secret code behind getting visitors to your site, there’s not. But, you do need to invest the time into it, that’s really the only way this will work.

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