8 Types of Keywords in SEO to Elevate Your Web Traffic

If you are concerned about your blogs which aren’t getting enough web traffic than you might not be hitting the right keywords on it, that is why your blog is ranking behind the other competitors on search engines.

I’m not telling you that this is the only reason for which your blog is not coming into the limelight; there are some other SEO factors too. But, you should know the significance and types of keywords in SEO.

Adding the right Keywords drive the maximum traffic on your webpage, thus creating more and more interaction, which will help you to generate a good profit.

To know how you can profoundly impact your audience using the right keywords, you must know its types, such as Long-tail keyword, Short-tail keyword, Product defining keyword and many more.

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Let’s discuss all the types of keywords in detail.

Short-tail Keyword

You may get the hint of this keyword from its name, which expresses its shortness. Yes, short-tail keywords merely consisted of 2 words or less.

Due to its high search volume, competition is more; hence achieving a good rank is tougher.

Most of the audience does a single word search to receive the information. These keywords may not take you to the right content you are looking for.

For example you search ‘Volkswagen’, but you intended to see a list of latest models of Volkswagen cars. In this case, your search with such keyword won’t help you out with the exact information you seek.

Short-tail keywords are not the right choice to navigate the information you demand.

Long-tail keyword

Long- tail keywords have a length of 3 words or more. These keywords avoid puzzles and are specific, which can take you to the right information you are looking for.

They have low search volume and less competition. So, if you are using these keywords into your blogs, you are likely to face less competition and have more chances of getting ranked in the top list. You just need an authentic and impressive content.

Let’s come up with an example, “best wordpress hosting services

You will see, your search will take you to the webpage results which will show the best hosting services for your wordpress blog.

Using these keywords into your blog will not only save time but also facilitate the search for your audiences.

Short-Term keyword

These keywords are short-term, which means they apprised the audiences about the thing which is publicized recently.

These keywords get maximum search traffic for a specific period of time. For example, for the movie “Avengers: Endgame”, the internet was filled up with full of searches during the time of its release, but soon after, search volume dropped.

This indicates that you can rely on these keywords for the short term, when the thing is on hype. This will surely engage maximum traffic to your webpage, but when the popular period is over, you may face a sudden fall.

These keywords give you the opportunity to publish content of current events, which will help you attract new audiences, thus raising the chances to gain popularity among them.

Product defining keyword

It is clear from the term that these are the keywords that reveal and explain your product.

Keep this in mind that those who are searching product defining keywords are planning to buy the products. So, they want information in just one click.

You also have one chance to present the information with complete detail. You can either put the right product-defining keywords or you lose the game.

It is quite easy to feature your product using the best keywords to ensure the maximum traffic. You just need to add all the descriptions of your product.

Then choose the keywords which you think are important and best describe your product. Examples of these keywords are mountain hiking backpacks, street bike leather suits, etc.

Customer defining keyword

If you are marketing different products, you need to be aware of the different audiences they carry. We cannot fit all into the same category because the products which are useful for someone may not be useful for others.

To understand more, let me give you one example, “Sunglasses for Women”, here the target audience will be women because such sunglasses are intentionally designed for women.

Different products define different customers, so you need to figure out the target audience here.

From their age to their cultural and professional background. Each detail of them will help you to know their interests and desires.

Customer defining keywords are used to persuade customers by using narratives that can tap their emotions. These keywords attain credibility by listing the advantages of using the product to the customers of similar profiles.

So, focus on each keyword because using the right keyword to the target audience can make a whole new difference.

Geo-targeting keyword

These keywords are usually used to hit the local market. They target specific regions such as city, state or even country.

As small local businesses are booming using digital platforms, they target the customers from the local market.

You might be doubting, how to get these keywords?

Well, these keywords are easiest and fight less competition, which can easily attract the customers to your doors.

You need to put the address and other useful content which clearly defines your products and its specialties to your local or national audiences.

LSI keywords

LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords are having a close relationship with the main keywords you use.

If you are using a keyword that best describes a thing you are writing about, then these keywords will talk about the features, qualities, and similar attributes of that thing.

For more clarity, let me give you one example, If the main keyword is “Cars”, and the article contains other words such as “clutch”, “gas”, “price”, “mileage”, then search engine will automatically navigate through these words which are known as the LSI keywords and will get a hint that the main topic is about vehicles and transportation.

These keywords will support your content by making it easy for a search engine to trace it and provide full information to the users.

LSI graph is mostly used to search the popular LSI keywords, their volume, and competition.

Branded keyword

Branded keywords are searched word or phrases used when you are ascribing the popular brands in your article which will help search engine to easily recognize it.

Unlike the unpopular brands which are just a name for a search engine, these keywords are used only for those brands which are discussed among innumerable users on the internet.

Why businesses want users to know their brand?

This is because, if the next time users search for it, it will easily come up in the top results.

Examples of branded keywords are Apple, Samsung, Bluehost, Dell, HP, Adidas, Makemytrip, A2 Hosting etc.

So, it is clear that different keywords have different motives.

Using the right keywords will boost your overall performance by giving you more organic views to your content. If you haven’t tried these keywords yet, don’t waste your time because unless you don’t use these keywords your other SEO strategies won’t work well.

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