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how to create staging website in wordpress

WordPress powers nearly 25% of all the websites across the world. It is the first choice when it comes to creating any website whether it is e-commerce, business website, blog, educational website or online community website. Once you make your WordPress website live, you know that you have to keep up with the trend of the web development world and make changes to your website almost every year. It could be adding new features, changing the design for SEO compatibility, modification to solve issues and much more. But making changes to a live WordPress site is as dangerous as playing with fire. It may suffer downtime, face configurational issues, give rise to additional issues and all these will contribute towards bad user experience and lower SEO rank. That is where the concept of staging website in WordPress comes into play.

What is Staging website in WordPress and How is it Beneficial?

If you want to make changes to your WordPress website, instead of doing it on your live website, you can do it on an alternate website called staging website. A staging website is a replica of your live website that is tailor-made to implement the changes you want to make on your live website and test them out without affecting your live website. A staging website in WordPress has all the designs and features of your live website and hence, adding new features or solving any existing issue is as good as you are doing them on your live website. After incorporating the required changes and testing them out completely, you can finally implement them on your live website.

The best part is that if your website is based on WordPress, you can create a staging website effortlessly by several methods. The two most popular methods are listed below.

Method 1 – Get A Staging Website With Your Web Host

The easiest of creating a staging WordPress website is with the help of your web host. It is better to choose a web host that has a dedicated staging feature. In case you have already chosen a web host and it does not have this feature, you can go for the second method. Here are some of the features that a web host providing staging option provide that make the method the easiest.

Automatic Backup – Most of the web hosts provide the option to automatically backup the staging WordPress site before you make it live for testing.

One-Click Option – With this option, you can make the staging WordPress live and make it private as required.

Private Option – Web hosts hide your staging site from search engines so that duplicate content does not affect SEO parameter of your original website.

WordPress Web Hosts That Provide Staging WordPress Website-

1. WP Engine – WP Engine provides an in-built staging feature with WordPress plan and the option is available on WordPress dashboard from WP Engine> Staging> Copy Site from Live to Staging. If you frequently make changes to your website, WP Engine is the best choice. Here is the exclusive link to get WP Engine WordPress hosting plan at a huge discount.

wp engine staging website

WP Engine Managed WordPress Hosting

2. GoDaddy – Other than Basic plan, GoDaddy offers staging site option for all other plans. The domain name is automatically generated. The staging option is available on GoDaddy account from My Products page> Managed WordPress> Manage All. Click on the three-dot icon and click on Staging. Here is the exclusive link to get GoDaddy WordPress hosting plan at the lowest possible price with free domain.

create staging website in godaddy

  • godaddy

  • Method 2 – Create A Staging Website With WP Staging Plugin

    If your web host is not the ones mentioned above and they do not offer you the option to provide you a staging website, you can create it effortlessly with the help of WordPress freemium plugin called WP Staging. You can get the staging website of your live WordPress website with WP Staging plugin as effortlessly as getting it from your web host if they had the option. All you have to do is click a button and get the staging website. Furthermore, creating a staging website will not affect the SEO parameters of your original website as the staging website hides itself from search engines and even web traffics.

    Limitation Of Free Plugin – With the free version of WP Staging, you can create a staging website and make all the required changes but you cannot push the changes you made in the staging website to your original live website. Making the changes manually once again on the live WordPress website is time-consuming and your website may suffer downtime and a mistake while making the changes manually once again can be fatal. As it is already present and tested on the staging website, it is a wise decision to push the exact changes seamlessly. For that, you can purchase WP Staging Pro to avail the feature. Here is the exclusive link to get WP Staging Pro at the lowest possible price.

    How To Use WP Staging?

    Step 1. Take a backup of your live WordPress website.
    Step 2. Install WP Staging by going to your Dashboard> Plugins> Add New option and activate the plugin.
    Step 3. Go to Dashboard> WP Staging tab. Click on the button Create New Staging Site button.

    create staging website

    Step 4. In the next screen, you need to give a name to your staging website and then click on Start Cloning button. The cloning process will start and take some time to complete.

    steps to create staging website in wordpress

    Step 5. Then you need to click on Open Staging Site button and this will take you to the staging website.

    staging website

    You can login with the same credentials as your live site. Then you can make all the changes you want to. You can find the difference of your staging website with your live WordPress website by looking at the color of the top admin bar which is orange if it is the staging website. Do not worry about duplicate content as your staging website stays private to the search engines and visitors. Once all the changes are done, transfer the changes automatically on your live website by purchasing WP Staging Pro.

    how to change wordpress password from phpmyadmin

    Do you want to change your WordPress password from database or PHPMyAdmin? In this article, I will explain to you that how can you reset or change your WordPress password from the database.

    Step 1: Login to your Cpanel and you will need to click on PHPMyAdmin. you can see PHPMyAdmin under DATABASES section.

    change wordpress password from phpmyadmin

  • godaddy

  • Step 2: It will take you to PHPMyAdmin from where you need to select your database.

    change wordpress password from database

    Step 3: After selecting your database, you need to select wp_users table.

    how to change wordpress password from phpmyadmin

    Step 4: Once you will click on the wp_users table it will show you the list of users. You need to select the user for which you want to change the password. Click on Edit to select the user for which you want to change the password.

    how to change wordpress password from database

    Step 5: After clicking edit link it will open a form. Here you need to change your wordpress password.

    wordpress password change from phpmyadmin

    You need to remove the value of user_pass field and replace it with your new password. You can see I have written newpassword but you can choose any password and after this, you need to select MD5 from the dropdown under Function column. MD5 is used to encrypt password using MD5 hash. After entering you password click on Go button.

    Congratulations, your password is changed. Now you can log in using your new password.

    make money online 2018

    The Internet has made earning money easier and opened several doors for such opportunities. The Internet has erased the boundaries, and that has enabled people to start businesses from anywhere in the world. With the entire world as a potential marketplace earning money online is comparatively more accessible than people consider it to be. If you are looking at the right places, then you will find a number of ways to earn some bucks either working for a part-time job or as a full-time businessman. With some discipline and dedication, the internet can become your playground for money making. Here are listed the top seven ways to earn some money.

    1) Affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing so one of the most common methods of earning money online. It has been a popular choice among the people due to its convenience. Affiliate marketing means you will be selling products offered by others without caring for all the processes like customer care and delivery. To begin affiliate marketing, you need to scout for websites and online shopping sites for a legitimate affiliation, and then you just need to have an operational site to market the product. You will be helping them gather customers, and you will get a commission for every successful purchase from the site. You can become affiliate sellers of various well-known shopping sites like Amazon for one.

  • Godaddy

  • 2) Blogging: Blogging is something that people love to do, and due to the widespread use of the internet, anyone with good content can have considerable traffic to their blog. Making use of this traffic is the key to make money through a blog. You can embed ads on your blog or links to products that take the reader to the original site. Using a blog, you can be an affiliate seller for a website. Moreover, the ads will generate income as the readers keep going for them. Better the content, more will the traffic be, and more the income from the blog will be possible. Try keeping the blog updated and keep adding more material to attract readers.


    3) Freelancing: Freelancing has been one of the most popular ways of earning online. Freelancing can be done in anything, from web developer to content writers. It basically means, selling your skills to people who require your services. Several websites offer freelancing services where you just need to sign up as a freelancer and apply for jobs. It might be a bit tough to get hired in the beginning, but with a bit of persistence it will work out. Though it can be a bit unpredictable at times, once you have established yourself as a distinguished freelancer you will start landing gigs from the clients.


    4) App developer: As the number of mobile phones is increasing exponentially, so are the applications that people use in them. As an app developer, you can publish your apps in various app stores like the Google Play store for Android and the apple store for iOS phones. You do not need to be excellent programmers to create an app; there are programs and websites where you can learn app development. If you have a good idea for an app, then you will surely have people downloading it. With some creativity and a lot of persistence, you will start seeing earnings from the app.

    5) Selling own products and services: If you have a business and you want to increase the customer base, then the internet is the perfect place. Using online websites such as eBay and other shopping sites, you can reach out many more customers than you could while being offline. You can also create your shopping site, and you need to manage the storage and delivery of the products without any hassle to the customer. Apart from products, you can also provide you services to potential clients. The internet is the best place to sell what you have to offer, and you are sure to find buyers. You just need to provide the service or the product a suitable description and make sure that the customer gets the highest priority. You might face some competition in the beginning, but with some perseverance, you will be able to make some considerable money.

    online selling

    6) Virtual assistant: Several freelancers offer their services as a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant is someone who assists the clients with various services like technical and administrative services remotely. They are meant to replace the role of a secretary or an executive assistant. There are several sites where you can apply as a virtual assistant such as upwork, Fiverr and Freelancer. Sign up for the role of a virtual assistant, and you will be hired as one.

    7) YouTube channel: We all have heard about famous YouTubers who earn in millions and have a huge fan following. If you have a specific talent that deserves to be seen by everyone then putting it up on YouTube will help you earn money as well as make the video popular. You can earn money through your videos by using the monetize option which allows YouTube to embed ads in the video. Uploading videos regularly and sharing the links on social networking sites will help increase the number of viewers which will turn into the amount that YouTube will pay you.


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    remove website url from wordpress comments form

    You can remove website URL field from comments form in two different ways:

    Method 1: Remove website URL field using functions.php
    Method 2: Remove website URL field using plugin

    Method 1: Remove website URL field using functions.php

    You just need to write this below code in functions.php file.

    function websoft_disable_comment_url($fields) {
    return $fields;

    After adding this below code you will see that URL field will be removed from comments form.

  • godaddy

  • Method 2: Remove website URL field using plugin

    In order to remove URL field from comments form, you need to install Remove Comment Website/URL Box plugin.

    remove url field from wordpress comments field

    After activating this plugin you will see that URL field will be automatically removed from comments box.

    add password to wordpress post or wordpress page

    If you will publish a post or page in WordPress then it will be visible to visitors right away but sometimes you want to show content to specific people. So you can do it very easily in WordPress by adding a password to your post or page. After entering that password, the visitor will be able to see post or page content. These are the steps to add password to your post or page:

    Step 1: On the right side of the page editor you will see Publish section. There you will see Visibility option. You need to click on Edit link after Public label. Visibility is set to Public by default but we will change it to Password protected.

    protect wordpress page or post with password

    Step 2: After clicking Edit link you will see other two options Password Protected and Private. Please see below image:

    password protect wordpress post or page

    You need to click on Password protected and then you need enter your password in password box and then click on ok button.

  • godaddy

  • Step 3: Now you will see that your page or post visibility is changed to Password protected. Now you need to click on Publish button but if you are adding a password to the existing published post or page then you will see the Update button instead of Publish button. Now you will click the Update button. I am creating a new post so it’s showing Publish button. Please see this below image:

    how to apply password to wordpress post or page

    Step 4: After clicking publish or update when you will open your post or page you will see that it will ask for a password and it will show you a message that “This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below“. Please see this below image:

    Now enter your password which we added in step 2. After entering that password, content will be visible to you. So in this way you can protect your post or page with a password in WordPress.

    If you are facing any issue then please message me below in comments section and don’t forget to share this article.

    programming languages to learn in 2018

    Which programming language should I have to learn? Which technical language will put my career at the height of success and better earning as well? Which is the highly recommended programming language by the experts? Etc. These are some frequent questions, that comes to everyone’s mind who are planning to learn a programming language and set their career as a web programmer or a web developer. Today a lot of technology has set their feet in the IT industry. In a small duration of 3 to 6 months, a new language or technology is introduced in the industry. Also, they come with some new trends and features which are useful to make a massive and elegant web and mobile application. All this thing creates a lot of confusion when we have to select one option. To end this confusion of choosing a better career option for being a web developer, here we provide a list of top 7 Programming languages you should learn in 2018.

    1. Python: Python is at the top position and popular these days, among all the other programming languages. This technology will give you more chances to get a better job along with high package in the IT industry. As we can see the job rate graph of Python for the year 2017, then we come to know its popularity and demand is increasing by 5000 job postings. Today a 90% of expert developers prefer this language for the purpose of software creation, data extraction, computing, etc.

    2. Javascript: This is one of the most popular programming language from past decades. Also, we can say that JavaScript is the backbone of every programming language. More than 80% of web developers and programmers use JS to give a ravishing look to their mobile and web applications. This percentage will more improve in the year 2018. This language has so many frameworks, such as, React native, AngularJS which makes it easy for the developers to make a fully functional website.

  • Godaddy

  • 3. Java: Java is a server-side language. It has down its popularity levels in 2017, but its extremely a well settled and powerful programming language. This is over 20 years old language, besides this, it is still the first choice of developers and also used by millions of web programmers across the world. The development of all the mobile application is completely based the one single technology, which is none other than Java. You must have to learn this programming language in 2018 if you are looking to make your future as a mobile app developer.

    4. PHP: PHP is a server-side scripting language, which is used in the creation of numerous of dynamic and e-commerce websites. Today an 80% of programmers are using this language. It has so many frameworks including, Zend, Laravel, Cake PHP, and Codeigniter, which are its topmost frameworks. As per recent calculations over 10 million of websites are developed in PHP. That is the reason to learn PHP in 2018 will become the best decision as it opens wide doors of career options along with a nice package.

    5. Perl: Perl is a high-level dynamic programming language, which is used to for Web development, GUI development, network programming and many more. The overall structure of Perl derives broadly from C. All variables are marked with leading sigils, which allow variables to be interpolated directly into strings.

    6. Swift: This is the most popular language these days to develop an iOS and OS apps. With the help of its cross platforms like hybrid apps and spritekit it becomes easier to build 2D games which looks very neat and clean, and easy to use as well. Swift language is fully based on Ruby and Python. By learning this language you can easily track all your programming errors and bugs.

    7. Kotlin: It has been announced as the official Android app development environment with Android Studio. This is the reason that Kotlin is the most demanding language in the app development industry for the programmers. In the coming years, we will see that the regular reduction of Java and dominance in the Android Studio. Due to this, you must have to learn this language in 2018. We can also say that Kotlin will become the future of Android app development industry.

    See the graph below to get the actual percentage stat of all the above seven languages to get a perfect idea about its usage and job success rate.

    best programming languages

    All of these languages are used by a 90% of expert developers and programmers, and also provide a huge job opportunity to every level. Besides all the above programming languages, there are so many other languages such as Ruby, Rust, C#, .Net (dot net), Meanstack, AngularJS, NodeJS. Like all the other programming languages they also provide frameworks through which you can learn and create an awesome web application or software for a wide range of purpose like entertainment, gaming, dating, chatting, learning, buying selling website, etc.

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    change wordpress admin login URL

    In WordPress, if you want to login to your WordPress dashboard then you need to add /wp-admin or /wp-login.php at the end of your domain i.e www.yourwebsite.com/wp-admin or www.yourwebsite.com/wp-login.php then it will take you to WordPress dashboard login page.

    But sometimes it can affect your website security because of some reasons like anybody can come to know that you are using WordPress or hacker can try to guess your username and password and can try to hack your website. So we should change our website login page URL in order to make our website secure.

    We will use WPS Hide Login plugin to change URL of our login page.

    These are steps to change WordPress login page URL:

    Step 1: Firstly we will go to Plugins >> Add New.

    add new plugin

  • Godaddy

  • Step 2: We will search for “WPS Hide Login” plugin and then you will see this screen. Please check this image:

    install wps login page

    You need to click on Install button and then Activate. The plugin is activated now we can use this plugin to change our admin page URL.

    Step 3: In order to change admin page URL we will go to Settings >> General tab and then scroll down.

    settings general

    Step 4: After scrolling down you will see WPS Hide Login section. You need to enter your login URL there. By default its login but you can change it to something else. In below image, you can see that I have changed it to mylogin.

    change website admin URL in wordpress

    Step 5: You can see in below image that my website login URL is changed from www.websofttutorials.com/wp-admin to www.websofttutorials.com/mylogin

    change wordpress login url

    In this way, you can change your website login page URL to make it secure. If you liked this article, then please subscribe to my youtube channel for more programming related tutorials and don’t forget to share this article to help more people to protect their website.

    If you have still any question then please comment below.

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    deactivate all plugins from phpmyadmin

    It is very easy to disable plugins from WordPress dashboard but sometimes the situation will arise that you will not be able to access your WordPress admin panel. This usually happens when a plugin on your website is creating problems for you to logging into your admin area or When you see the blank white screen on WordPress website which is also called white screen of death. So under these situations, you will not be able to access your website admin panel.

    In order to get rid of this problem, it is recommended that you should deactivate all plugins and then activate them one by one to check that which plugin is creating the problem on your website.

    There are two ways to deactivate WordPress plugins without accessing admin panel:

    1. Deactivate plugins via FTP
    2. Deactivate plugins via Phpmyadmin

    1. Deactivate plugins via FTP

    In this method, you can deactivate all plugins via FTP client like (FileZilla or Cute FTP) or you can deactivate all plugins from your hosting File Manager but Some hosts will not provide you the option to access file manager (WordPress hosting) so you need to deactivate it with help of FTP client.

    Firstly you need to connect to your website host via FTP. Once you will be connected to your host then you will see WordPress folders like wp-admin, wp-content, wp-admin. You need to click on the wp-content folder because all plugins are stored in the wp-content folder. Then you will see plugins folder. Now you need to rename this plugins folder and you can give it any name you want. You can see this below image:

    deactivate all wordpress plugins ftp

    Once you will change plugins folder name then you will see that your all plugins will be deactivated. You can see this below image:

    plugins deactivated wordpress

    In this image, you can see that all plugins have been deactivated. You will an error message as well “Plugin has been deactivated due to an error: Plugin file does not exist.“. This is showing this error message because we have changed plugins directory name.

    Now all plugins have been deactivated. it’s time to change plugins folder name again from plugins_dectivated or Whatever name you have given to your plugins folder to plugins folder actual name.

    rename wordpress directory name

    We have renamed our plugins folder name again to actual name. Now refresh your screen 4-5 times and then you will see that error message Plugin has been deactivated due to an error: Plugin file does not exist. has been removed and now you can start activating your plugins one by one and check that which plugin is creating the problem. Then you can remove that plugin which was creating problem on your website.

  • godaddy

  • 2. Deactivate plugins via Phpmyadmin

    In this method, you need to deactivate all plugins via phpmyadmin. So firstly you need to access phpmyadmin and then you need to select wp_options table. On my side, I have different table prefix. Because of security reasons I have changed my table prefix from wp_ to wp_zdbfy4rzp3. So my table name is wp_zdbfy4rzp3_options. So I will select wp_zdbfy4rzp3_options tables so this means if you have a different table prefix then you need to look for a table that ends with _options.

    deactivate all plugins from phpmyadmin

    After selecting _options table then you need to click on Browse link. Then after this, I have changed the number of rows to display to 300 so that we will be able to see all rows at once. Please see this below image:

    change number of rows to display in phpmyadmin

    I have entered 300 and then click on Show button so that it will show maximum 300 rows.

    Now we need to look for active_plugins row and the best way to find it by using Ctrl + F and then enter active_plugins in popup box. please check this image:

    find row in phpmyadmin

    Now you can see that we have entered active_plugins to popup box and then it will find active_plugins automatically. Now we need to click on pencil icon which is highlighted in above image. Click on this pencil icons and then you will see this screen.

    edit row in phpmyadmin

    Now you need to remove option_value and change it to a:0:{} and then click on Go button. Please check this image:

    change option_value in phpmyadmin

    Now if there was some plugin which was creating the problem for your website then you will be able to login to your WordPress dashboard and then you can check that which plugin was creating the problem by activating it one by one.

    If you liked this article, then please subscribe to my youtube channel for more programming related tutorials.

    If you have still any question then please comment below.

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    boost blog post via social media

    Hello, blogger!
    Do you have a great blog that isn’t getting many views? Are you striving to get traffic to your blog posts?
    For you, it can be very difficult not having an audience to read your blogs, however, once you have your own audience, enormous impacts will be there!

    Today, social media is the most powerful source for driving traffic and increasing your blog presence.

    Follow the below list to help you grow an audience for your blog posts via Social media

    1 – Facebook: (1.32 Billion daily users on average for June 2017)


    1. Share your blog posts on your personal profile and/or your page and encourage your friends/followers to share it across their profiles/pages.
    2. Use Facebook groups that are related to your niche, share your blog posts on them, but don’t forget to read the group rules before you do the share because some groups don’t allow it.

    QUICK INFO: 57 percent of social content sharing activity took place on Facebook.

  • Godaddy

  • 2 – Instagram: (200 Million daily active users on average for April 2017)


    1. Share your blog posts multiple times to increase the chance of the click through to your blog, make sure you use catchy content and image with each share.
    2. Increase your CTA (Call To Action) click by giving people a reason to click your blog post link, don’t just tell them to click it, you should specify what’s the use of reading your blog.

    QUICK INFO: 4.2 Billion average likes per day on Instagram.

    3 – Twitter: (328 Million monthly active users on average for the second quarter of 2017)


    1. Post multiple times every day and it should be at an optimal time for your audience, so you need to know when is it likely that your audience are on Twitter to share your blog and increase the chance of the click through. You can use scheduling tools if you can’t be around at the time your audience are.
    2. Using (1-2) hashtag/s with each shared tweet about your blog increases the likelihood that it will be seen by Twitter users, especially if you don’t know your audience.

    QUICK INFO: 500 Million Tweets are sent per day.

    4 – LinkedIn: (40% of the 500 Million LinkedIn users use LinkedIn daily on average for 2017)

    linkedIn logo

    1. LinkedIn is the largest online network for professionals, so if your blog posts are about Resumes, CVs, Interviews, Jobs, or any other related topics this should be your number 1 platform for growing your audience.

    QUICK INFO: 3 Million users share content on LinkedIn weekly.

    5 – Social media influencers:

    Influencers can be a powerful way to grow an audience of readers for your blog.
    Steps to use this strategy:

    1. Find an influencer that has the followers that match your target audience.
    2. Contact the influencer to get to an agreement about how he/she is going to talk about your blog and how much are you going to pay for it.

    6 – Engaging with your followers:

    engage audience

    1. Show your audience that you are always connected to them by replying to their negative/positive comments is always a good sign.
    2. Ask your followers questions, sometimes they give you an idea to write about.

    7 – Social media sharing buttons on your blog/website:

    sharing buttons

    1. Make it easier for your audience to share your blog posts with one click by implementing share buttons for Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/LinkedIn/ any other social media platform you or your audience are on.
    2. Remember that when they share it you win more audience.

    8 – Share other bloggers posts:


    1. Sharing other blogger posts increase your credibility because when your audience see that they will trust you more.
    2. If you do this you are encouraging other bloggers to share your blog posts too, which is a win for you.

    9 – Headlines are important:

    1. You need to work on catchy headlines a lot, because this is the first thing a reader will see, headlines are also the first thing that will show up on search engines.
    2. Revise your headline multiple times and make sure it will get readers to scroll down to the article.

    10 – High-quality images:

    high quality images

    1. Blog posts with images get 94 percent more attention.
    2. Don’t ever use other than high quality and meaningful pictures that relate to your blog post topic.
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    Contact form7 autoresponder

    An autoresponder is a service which automatically sends out emails to the people who submit forms from your website. The main benefit of this service is that you can send a pre-written message or you can send offers as well.

    Contact form7 is most popular contact form plugin. So in this article, I will show you that how to setup autoresponders in Contact form7.

  • Godaddy

    1. Scroll down on your contact page and you will see Mail(2) section.
    2. Select Use Mail checkbox and then copy email shortcode [your-email] and paste it into To textbox. We need this shortcode to send autoresponders. (You can see below image for reference.)
    3. This [your-email] shortcode will catch users email which he will enter in email box while submitting a contact form.
    4. Then enter your message which you want to send via autoresponder and then click on save button. Now your autoresponder is setup.

    How to Setup Autoresponder in Contact Form7 WebSoftTutorials

    If you are facing any issue with Contact Form7 autoresponder then please comment below.

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