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A Blog writer, a Web developer and a passionate teacher. Teaching on YouTube from last 7 years. Like to write articles about Web designing, Web development, Digital Marketing, and Online money making techniques. If you have any question about Web technologies and your career then you can contact me via above my social media profiles.

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How to add cookies notification message in wordpress website
Cookies are the small files that are stored in your PC. These files are used by the website that your browser store. Basically, each website that you visit create some cookies on your PC or smartphone so that next time whenever they are accessed, they can load faster. Some Websites use cookies to store user data for instance, once you have logged in to Facebook now, even if you will close the Facebook tab and whenever you will reopen it you need not to login again. This is because your login details are sorted in the cookies that are available on your system. Whenever you will access Facebook, it will check in those files (cookies) about your login history and if something exists then it will resume your session. As a user, we might have privacy issues if any website if not informing us whether they are using cookies or not. Or it is like as a User we will appreciate the website that will tell us at the very initial phase that they are using cookies to improve the user experience. Today I will share a guide through which you can display Cookie message on your website. This guide

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How to submit sitemap to google webmaster tools searcch console
In order to reach new heights in business, marketing is important. Similarly, Google Webmaster is important to get traffic from Google. Like all other apps from Google, a Webmaster is also a free tool. Almost all Website owners use Webmaster to have a look over the relation between their website and Google (as a search engine). Here I will be sharing a guide with you through which you easily Add your website’s sitemaps to Google Webmaster 2019. Before proceeding towards the guide, you need to create an account on Webmaster if you haven’t yet. Once you are logged in to webmaster account, you have to add your website and need to verify it. If you haven’t verified your website yet then you check our guide on "How to add a website in Google Webmaster 2019". Note: – Google Webmaster 2018’s layout and the interface was very different from Webmaster 2019 thus, it is recommended to read the guide as per your webmaster’s version. But 2019’s Webmaster has some more features than 2018’s webmaster. Now, let begin with the Guide Itself. Step 1# Login to your Google Webmaster account. The very first is to login into your Google webmaster with the

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How to change wordpress username
I hope you have already tried to change your WordPress Username but somehow you couldn’t. We will be sharing two different methods through which you can change your WordPress Username very easily. Although the complete procedure is not very complex but still it needs some special tools or we can say it has some particular steps to be followed. Earlier You might not have the proper knowledge but after reading this article you will become expert of changing WordPress Username. But if you are just reading this article just for gaining some knowledge then you have to understand What are the reasons that may lead you to change the Username? Why to change Username? Security could be a reason, if you had shared your important login details with someone back in the days then, changing your Username can add a new layer of security to your Website. While Installing the WordPress, you might have opted the “admin” username and now you want to change it. Sometimes, while selling a website personal name as a “username” can affect the impression on client thus, for your client you want to change. You might want to switch your username to something more relevant

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How to Change wordpress password using phpmyadmin
WordPress offers different ways through which you can change its password. The most convenient way to change the WordPress password is through the WordPress dashboard itself. But the problem with this method is you must have the current password with you. You can't change the password if you don’t have the current password with you. Today, I will be sharing a complete guide on how to change WordPress Password using PhpMyAdmin. Through this method, you can change the Wordpress Password without knowing the current WordPress Password. But this method needs your access to cPanel. And before proceeding with this method, you should have your cPanel password with you. So now let's begin with the guide. How to change the WordPress Password using PhpMyAdmin? This guide includes some steps. Make sure you follow all steps carefully. Step 1 Open the cPanel of your website by entering you login credentials. Step 2 In cPanel under the database section, you need to click on the phpMyAdmin option. Step 3 This step is a little bit complex and it needs your 100% attention. On the phpMyAdmin webpage, you will find some database names on the left side. You need to open your website's database

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How to add website to google webmaster tools search console new version
Suppose you have published a very informative article for your website or we can say you have newly created a website. You are regularly updating your website too. But Google will take time to crawl your website automatically. If you need instant results, then you have to tell Google about your site. Here in this article, I will be giving you a brief guide through which you can get your website index more often and quickly. This article is not about tricks to attract search engine; it is one step ahead of all tips and tricks, here we will be telling you what Google Webmaster is? And how to add your website to Google Webmaster in 2020? We have mentioned 2020 mainly because Webmaster recently got a new layout. What is Google Webmaster? Google Webmaster is a free tool. Google webmaster offers Dozens of helpful features that will help you to maintain the performance of your website. You will get very useful information about your website like How search engines see your website, by using which keyword visitors are coming to your website, Is there any broken link on your website, your website is affected from malware or not, sitemaps and many more

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Update wordpress plugins manually via ftp filezilla
So, you finally want to know the most reliable way to update WordPress plugins. The very primary method of updating plugins is to visit WordPress dashboard and then simply update plugins using a 1-click update. This procedure might seem very easy, but sometimes things got stuck in between and can create problems. Here, I have a solution to this problem. We will be sharing a method through which you can upload or update plugins easily and efficiently. I will be updating the WordPress using FTP method. What is FTP? Before beginning with the method, you should make yourself comfortable with the term FTP. FTP is a File Transfer Protocol which allows you to upload (delete, edit, preview) file from your PC to your Website. If you want to use FTP, then it’s a must for you to have an FTP Client (generally termed as “Software”) through which you can append your WordPress Website data. These FTP Clients can be either Free or Paid. For the explanation of the method, we will use FileZilla as an FTP Client. You can pick any; hundreds are available on the internet. So, let’s begin with the process. Step 1 It is most basic as

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How to create XML sitemap in WordPress
XML Site Map is something you must have if you want to rank on Google. The earlier statement was very rude and straightforward, Isn’t it? But that’s the only truth. XML Site Map acts as an indirect vital ranking factor. Having a Site Map of a Website is as essential as Updating your website regularly to maintain its worth. In this article, you will understand How essential it is to have an XML Site Map of a website? How to create a Site Map? However, before that let’s know, What actually is an XML Site Map is? XML Site Map acts as a path for google so that it can reach your website. Among Billions of Website, you need to make yours stand apart so that Google can recognize it and can nominate for its searches. XML Site Maps will be acting as a bridge between your website webpages and Google. Through this bridge, your web pages will be ranking in google more efficiently. In XML Site Map of your website, all web pages, website media will be displayed that are available your website. This will encourage Search Engines to crawl your web pages. Why XML Site Maps are Important?

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bluehost vs godaddy

Choosing the right web host for hosting your website is of immense importance. It plays a major role in the success of the website once it is live. Starting from downtime, performance at peak hours to security and maintenance, everything is dependent on the web host you choose. There is an array of web hosting companies available online to woo you with their plans and offers. But the two foremost goliaths in the web hosting world are Bluehost and GoDaddy. Today, we are going to give you a detailed comparison of Bluehost Vs GoDaddy and let you decide which one is the best for you. Read more

How to stop Search engines to index wordpress website
Everybody wants search engines to crawl their website as quickly as possible. But sometimes a situation arises when you don't want search engines to crawl your website, for example, your website is under construction or you are working on staging website. So under these conditions, you may don't want search engines to index your website. Because it will show your incomplete website in search results to the people who are searching for content related to your website. In this article, I will show you how to stop search engines from indexing your WordPress website. Method to stop search engines from indexing or crawling your website WordPress has an inbuilt feature which tells search engines not to index website. So In order to do this, you just need to go to Settings >> Reading and then you need to check to Discourage search engines from indexing this site. And then click on Save Changes button. Look at the image below for reference. Now search engines will not be able to crawl or index your website but if in future you want search engines to index or crawl your website again, all you need to do is just uncheck above checkbox then

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How to disable gutenberg in wordpress

WordPress 5.0 has been released and Gutenberg is the default editor in this version and it will be default editor for upcoming versions of WordPress as well. But, most of the WordPress users are still not ready for this editor as they are more familiar with WordPress classic editor. They enjoy creating blog posts and pages using WordPress classic editor. So, many people are looking for ways and solutions to disable Gutenberg to use the WordPress classic editor as their default editor. Read more