We have installed WordPress in our previous article. Now, we need to do some essential settings to our website to make it fast, efficient and secure. Here is the list of these essential settings which we should do after installing WordPress: Remove Dummy Content Change Site Title, Tagline and Time Zone Select www or non www version of website Configure WordPress Permalinks Enable/Disable User Registration Configure Reading Settings Install Nice Looking Theme Improve Page Load Speed Secure Your Website Media Files Settings Setup User Profile Optimize Your Images Configure Ping List Setup Google Analytics Install SEO Plugin 1. Remove Dummy Content After installing WordPress you will see a dummy post (Hello World), a dummy page (Sample Page) as well as a dummy comment. It is highly recommended that you should delete this dummy content. You can easily delete this from your WordPress Dashboard. You can see below images: (Delete WordPress dummy Hello World! post) (Delete WordPress dummy Sample Page) (Delete WordPress dummy Comment) 2. Change Site Title, Tagline and Time Zone In order to change Site Title, Tagline and Time Zone we need to go to Settings >> General from your WordPress Dashboard. We have to change the Site Title

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