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A Blog writer, a Web developer and a passionate teacher. Teaching on YouTube from last 7 years. Like to write articles about Web designing, Web development, Digital Marketing, and Online money making techniques. If you have any question about Web technologies and your career then you can contact me via above my social media profiles.

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Contact form7 autoresponder
An autoresponder is a service which automatically sends out emails to the people who submit forms from your website. The main benefit of this service is that you can send a pre-written message or you can send offers as well. Contact form7 is most popular contact form plugin. So in this article, I will show you that how to setup autoresponders in Contact form7. Scroll down on your contact page and you will see Mail(2) section. Select Use Mail checkbox and then copy email shortcode [your-email] and paste it into To textbox. We need this shortcode to send autoresponders. (You can see below image for reference.) This [your-email] shortcode will catch users email which he will enter in email box while submitting a contact form. Then enter your message which you want to send via autoresponder and then click on save button. Now your autoresponder is setup. If you are facing any issue with Contact Form7 autoresponder then please comment below.
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send email to multiple email addresses contact form 7
Contact form7 is one of the best and most used contact form plugin for WordPress. Sometimes you need to send emails to multiple email addresses. For example, You want that if somebody will fill contact form on your website then emails should go to departments like Sales, Marketing and Support Department. There are two methods to do this in Contact form7 and both are very easy: METHOD #1: In this method, you can add multiple email addresses separated by a comma(,). You can see the below image. METHOD #2: In this method, you need to add Cc, Bcc to Additional Headers section. You can see this below image: So these are the two methods to send email to multiple email addresses. If you have any question or if you are facing any issue then please comment below. Articles You Should Read How to add Contact Form in WordPress How to Setup Autoresponder in Contact Form7 Importance Of Email Marketing For a Business
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how to install wordpress theme
There are two ways to install WordPress theme. Install WordPress theme from the dashboard. Install WordPress theme via ftp. Method 1: Install WordPress theme from dashboard The first way is to install WordPress theme via WordPress dashboard and it is very easy as well. In order to install new theme you need to go to Appearance >> Themes. You will see a list of Themes which have installed. If you want to add new a theme then you need to click on the Add New button: You can see that you can install a theme from this page and you can enter your search keyword as well. You can see that I have added blogging as a search keyword. You can see some other filters like Featured, Popular, Latest, Favorites. Afer selecting your theme you need to click on install button and then click on activate button to activate your selected theme. Now you have your new website ready with new look and feel. Method 2: Install WordPress theme via Ftp The second way is to install WordPress theme is via ftp. You need to connect to ftp via Filezilla or cuteftp whatever you want to use. Firstly you need

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customize wordpress css
Suppose you want to change colors, fonts or any other styling in your WordPress theme but you will see that these styling options are not available in your theme. So at that time, there will be two methods to change or add custom CSS to your WordPress site. Method 1: Customize CSS using a Plugin In this method, you need to install a WordPress plugin to add or customize CSS. There are many plugins available for this task but personally, I like to use Simple Custom CSS. I am using this plugin for a long time and I have used it on many websites. Even orange titles on my websites are created using this same plugin. So firstly you need to install this plugin. After installing this plugin you need to go to Appearance >> Custom CSS. You will see a Simple Custom CSS Panel where you need to write you css. You can see in the below image that how I have added my CSS and you can see my orange heading code as well. After adding your CSS code you need to click on Update Custom CSS button. Then your new CSS will be applied to your theme.

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So, you have your blog and website set up. You have killer content and a catchy name and logo. Basically, you have everything you need to have a successful blog or website. But, as the days pass, you notice you're not getting the traffic you'd be expecting. Don't worry, you can change that. You simply need to learn how to direct traffic to your blog or website. Just because you have a blog or website online, doesn't mean your work is done, you still have to do a couple of things to make sure your blog or website gets the attention it deserves. These are some ways with which you can generate to your website: 1. Share content more than once Many bloggers fail because they're not sharing their content. You may have great content, however, if no one sees it, it doesn't mean anything. So, you need to make sure you're not sharing your content once and then forgetting about it. Instead, you need to make sure your content is being shared over various social media platforms and re-shared on those platforms after a month or two from its first publishing. Not everyone is going to see your content

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We have installed WordPress in our previous article. Now, we need to do some essential settings to our website to make it fast, efficient and secure. Here is the list of these essential settings which we should do after installing WordPress: Remove Dummy Content Change Site Title, Tagline and Time Zone Select www or non www version of website Configure WordPress Permalinks Enable/Disable User Registration Configure Reading Settings Install Nice Looking Theme Improve Page Load Speed Secure Your Website Media Files Settings Setup User Profile Optimize Your Images Configure Ping List Setup Google Analytics Install SEO Plugin 1. Remove Dummy Content After installing WordPress you will see a dummy post (Hello World), a dummy page (Sample Page) as well as a dummy comment. It is highly recommended that you should delete this dummy content. You can easily delete this from your WordPress Dashboard. You can see below images: (Delete WordPress dummy Hello World! post) (Delete WordPress dummy Sample Page) (Delete WordPress dummy Comment) 2. Change Site Title, Tagline and Time Zone In order to change Site Title, Tagline and Time Zone we need to go to Settings >> General from your WordPress Dashboard. We have to change the Site Title

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