Which programming language should I have to learn? Which technical language will put my career at the height of success and better earning as well? Which is the highly recommended programming language by the experts? Etc. These are some frequent questions, that come to everyone’s mind who are planning to learn a programming language and set their career as a web programmer or a web developer. Today a lot of technology has set their feet in the IT industry. In a small duration of 3 to 6 months, a new language or technology is introduced in the industry. Also, they come with some new trends and features which are useful to make a massive and elegant web and mobile application. All this thing creates a lot of confusion when we have to select one option. To end this confusion of choosing a better career option for being a web developer, here we provide a list of top 7 Programming languages you should learn in 2021.

1. Python: Python is at the top position and popular these days, among all the other programming languages. This technology will give you more chances to get a better job along with high package in the IT industry. As we can see the job rate graph of Python for the year 2017, then we come to know its popularity and demand is increasing by 5000 job postings. Today a 90% of expert developers prefer this language for the purpose of software creation, data extraction, computing, etc.

2. Javascript: This is one of the most popular programming language from past decades. Also, we can say that JavaScript is the backbone of every programming language. More than 80% of web developers and programmers use JS to give a ravishing look to their mobile and web applications. This percentage will more improve in the year 2021. This language has so many frameworks, such as, React native, AngularJS which makes it easy for the developers to make a fully functional website.


3. Java: Java is a server-side language. It has down its popularity levels in 2017, but its extremely a well settled and powerful programming language. This is over 20 years old language, besides this, it is still the first choice of developers and also used by millions of web programmers across the world. The development of all the mobile application is completely based the one single technology, which is none other than Java. You must have to learn this programming language in 2021 if you are looking to make your future as a mobile app developer.

4. PHP: PHP is a server-side scripting language, which is used in the creation of numerous of dynamic and e-commerce websites. Today 80% of programmers are using this language. It has so many frameworks including, Zend, Laravel, Cake PHP, and Codeigniter, which are its topmost frameworks. As per recent calculations over 10 million websites are developed in PHP. That is the reason to learn PHP in 2021 will become the best decision as it opens wide doors of career options along with a nice package.

5. Perl: Perl is a high-level dynamic programming language, which is used to for Web development, GUI development, network programming and many more. The overall structure of Perl derives broadly from C. All variables are marked with leading sigils, which allow variables to be interpolated directly into strings.

6. Swift: This is the most popular language these days to develop an iOS and OS apps. With the help of its cross platforms like hybrid apps and spritekit it becomes easier to build 2D games which looks very neat and clean, and easy to use as well. Swift language is fully based on Ruby and Python. By learning this language you can easily track all your programming errors and bugs.

7. Kotlin: It has been announced as the official Android app development environment with Android Studio. This is the reason that Kotlin is the most demanding language in the app development industry for programmers. In the coming years, we will see that the regular reduction of Java and dominance in the Android Studio. Due to this, you must have to learn this language in 2021. We can also say that Kotlin will become the future of Android app development industry.

See the graph below to get the actual percentage stat of all the above seven languages to get a perfect idea about its usage and job success rate.

best programming languages

All of these languages are used by 90% of expert developers and programmers, and also provide a huge job opportunity to every level. Besides all the above programming languages, there are so many other languages such as Ruby, Rust, C#, .Net (dot net), Meanstack, AngularJS, NodeJS. Like all the other programming languages they also provide frameworks through which you can learn and create an awesome web application or software for a wide range of purposes like entertainment, gaming, dating, chatting, learning, buying selling websites, etc.

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