Google AdSense is a well-known advertising service and is used by a majority of publishers and advertisers. The advantages are many such as hassle-free use and easy to use interface. The service is free, so you do not have to pay anything to use it. The revenue generated is based on the clicks the ads receive.

So if they are so popular then why look for alternatives? The reasons may be few but are cause for concern for publishers and advertisers. The revenue is generated based on the clicks, and if the ads receive no clicks, then the revenue is nil. Other ad services pay you for a certain number of ad impressions, irrespective of the conversion rates and clicks on the ad. AdSense also has poor customer support, and with any minor violations, it is effortless to get banned. These disadvantages make it necessary to search for alternatives to AdSense. The below list will surely help you to find a service that generates more revenue and has more functionalities.

1) is probably the best alternative to Google AdSense. powers Yahoo and Bing platforms. They are a contextual ad platform and thus ensure that your ads get better hits and generate more revenue. Contextual means that the ads are based on the content of the blog or website. is very stringent in terms of contents and publishers. They only allow blogs with exclusive and high-end contents, so you need to keep this in mind if you intend to join The revenue is mostly similar to AdSense but maybe more in a lot of cases. You also get a personalized account manager, and there are no minimum traffic requirements.


2) PropellerAds Media: PropellerAds Media is a bit different from Google AdSense in the sense that AdSense pays you based on the clicks of the published ads. This results in a problem of unpredictable revenue generation. PropellerAds is a CPM ad network. With this system, you are paid for every thousand ad impressions, which mean you are paid even if the ads are not clicked on. If you are a heavy user then, PropellerAds is perfect for you. Another great advantage is that PropellerAds has ad products for all types of blogs. Their variety of ad products rivals that of AdSense. Getting started with it is easy, but your screen may be full of ads and pop-ups sometimes, which is irritating for a lot of users. They do not PayPal which might be let down for several potential users, but their payments are timely, and they share about 80% of their revenue with publishers.

3) Viglink: Viglink is another blog monetizing service with a twist. This is particularly useful when your majority of income is through affiliate marketing. In normal cases, users will add affiliate links to the products which are then advertised on their blogs or websites. Once the user decides to purchase the product, he/she clicks on that link and are taken to the original website for purchasing. This generates a certain amount of commission. Viglink does this with every outgoing link, which drastically increases the revenue generated through the blog. If you write about any product and embed the link, Viglink will automatically turn the link into an affiliate link. Therefore, once the reader clicks on that link, revenue will be generated. They pay through PayPal and are always on time. Viglink can also be used alongside AdSense since they do not violate any policies by AdSense.

4) Facebook audience network: Facebook has gone from the most popular social networking platform to an all-around advertising platform. Facebook audience network is the platform where publishers can publish their ads which will be shown to users on various devices including mobile apps. With the help of Facebook audience network, users can publish complicated ads that need to target selected people and can be inserted into appropriate places. For inserting your ads, Facebook offers a part of the revenue to developers and users for every click or conversion. This ensures that Facebook itself keeps a very small percentage of the revenue. Payments are fast and often offer better revenues than competing services. Though Facebook audience network has a long way to go, it offers some very interesting options which can be cleverly utilized.

5) Chitika: Chitika is one of the most established display advertising networks. They are the most popular alternative to Google AdSense. Over the years, Chitika has changed a lot and has improved its feature which has made it a favorite among publishers and advertisers. Chitika offers a direct link between publishers and advertisers. They also ensure that the ads match the requirement of the advertisers. Chitika’s ads are driven by the search queries made by the visitors. They also provide a number of ad formats such as banner ads, mobile ads, hover ads, to name a few. Chitika has a very less payout limit which is just $10. It can also be used alongside AdSense since it is compatible with it. Chitika also provides auto resizing for mobile ads which makes it easier to monetize them.

6) Buysellads: If you are planning to earn money through your blog then Buysellads is the right place for you. Here you can add your website or blog and wait for advertisers to buy your spot. You need to make an account and find your blog on the publisher’s list. To add ads in your blog, Buysellads provides automatic or manual controls. If the blog is made on WordPress, then you can add the zone by using the Buysellads WordPress plugin. Otherwise, you will only need to add the code manually once in your website. The major advantage of this service is that bloggers and website owners can reach out to a wider audience than they could have on their own. The massive outreach provided by Buysellads is particularly beneficial for new blogs and websites. They will keep twenty-five percent of the payment as their commission which is not much when compared to other services.

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