2 Simple Methods to Change WordPress Username (Easily)

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How to change WordPress Password using PhpMyAdmin

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How to add WordPress Website to Google Webmaster Tools in 2019

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How to Manually Update WordPress Plugins via FTP

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What is an XML Site Map? How to create a sitemap in WordPress

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How to Create a Private Page on WordPress?

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Bluehost Vs GoDaddy Hosting Review – Which One Is Better (2019)?

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Disable Gutenberg and switch to WordPress Classic Editor (Easily)

WordPress 5.0 has been released and Gutenberg is the default editor in this version and it will be default editor for upcoming versions of WordPress as well. But, most of the WordPress users are still not ready for this editor as they are more familiar with WordPress classic editor. They enjoy creating blog posts and pages using WordPress classic editor. So, many people are looking for ways and solutions to disable Gutenberg to use the WordPress classic editor as their default editor. Read more

How to become a Successful Freelance Content Writer? Complete Guide

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