How to Stop Search Engines From Indexing a WordPress Website

Everybody wants search engines to crawl their website as quickly as possible. But sometimes a situation arises when you don’t want search engines to crawl your website, for example, your website is under construction or you are working on staging website. So under these conditions, you may don’t want search engines to index your website. […] Read more

Disable Gutenberg and switch to WordPress Classic Editor (Easily)

WordPress 5.0 has been released and Gutenberg is the default editor in this version and it will be default editor for upcoming versions of WordPress as well. But, most of the WordPress users are still not ready for this editor as they are more familiar with WordPress classic editor. They enjoy creating blog posts and pages using WordPress classic editor. So, many people are looking for ways and solutions to disable Gutenberg to use the WordPress classic editor as their default editor. Read more

How to become a Successful Freelance Content Writer? Complete Guide

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Top 7 Benefits of Facebook for Business in 2019

In the information era, social media has managed to enter the lives of the majority of the people across the globe. As consumers, people spend over 2 hours on social media in a day. Facebook is currently the most used social media platform. In terms of reach and monthly active users, Facebook had approximately 2.27 […] Read more

Paypal Vs Payoneer: Which one helped me Save Some Extra $$

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How to Buy Free Domain with Hosting at Rs 99 Per Month From Godaddy

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Best High Paying Alternatives to Google AdSense

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How to add Contact Form in WordPress

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Bluehost Review: Why Choose Bluehost as hosting company

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Importance Of Email Marketing For a Business

More digital marketing approaches have come up and most probably you may be asking yourself as to whether email marketing is still crucial. The undisputed answer is ‘yes’. The creation of solid email marketing plan assists especially in connecting with your target customers in a tailored way and also escalates the sales at a reasonable […] Read more