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Create Table in MySql

It is very easy to create a table in MySQL.  You need to use the Create table statement to create a table in MySQL. Please check below example [php]create table table_name( column1 datatype, column2 datatype, column3 datatype );[/php] There are three main elements in creating a table: 1. Table name: Name you want to give […] Read more

5 Best Google Analytics WordPress Plugins

Google Analytics (GA) is a free and powerful tool from Google that is used to monitor your website traffic. Once you will add your website to Google Analytics, you can view all insights of your site, in google analytics dashboard. But if you have created a WordPress website then you can easily integrate Google Analytics […] Read more

Types of SSL Certificates – Choose the right SSL certificate for your website

If you have a website, a blog, or an E-commerce website, you have probably heard about SSL Certificate. This is very important for your Business’s security! It’s very easy to find an SSL Certificate, but difficult to find the right one. Later on, understand what you are exactly paying for. This is because they have flooded […] Read more

50+ High PR Social Bookmarking Sites List 2020

Do you want more than 10,000 relevant visitors every day for your website or blog? Some bloggers complain that even writing articles consistently they are not getting a good amount of traffic to their blogs. Read more

How to Create table in WordPress (No HTML Required)

Tables provide a great way to display or present data in an easily understandable format. So many website owners want to add tables in WordPress. So without wasting any time, I will show you the best method to create a table in WordPress. Create a table in WordPress There are multiple ways to create a […] Read more

How to create a WordPress Child theme (With or without plugin)

Do you want to create a WordPress Child theme? As a beginner, you might find it a bit difficult but after reading this article you will be able to create child theme very easily. In this article, you will get to know What is a child theme, Why it is important and How To Create […] Read more

How to Change WordPress Login Page URL for Better Security

Most of the websites get hacked because of their security. I have seen several websites that have good authority and audience but still, their security level is very basic. Almost every day I have seen people reporting that their website got hacked, their content was deleted. If you are having a good website and don’t […] Read more

How to add Cookies Message on WordPress Website?

Cookies are the small files that are stored in your PC. These files are used by the website that your browser store. Basically, each website that you visit create some cookies on your PC or smartphone so that next time whenever they are accessed, they can load faster. Some Websites use cookies to store user […] Read more

How to Submit a sitemap to Google

In order to reach new heights in business, marketing is important. Similarly, Google Webmaster is important to get traffic from Google. Like all other apps from Google, a Webmaster is also a free tool. Almost all Website owners use Webmaster to have a look over the relation between their website and Google (as a search […] Read more

2 Simple Methods to Change WordPress Username (Easily)

I hope you have already tried to change your WordPress Username but somehow you couldn’t. We will be sharing two different methods through which you can change your WordPress Username very easily. Although the complete procedure is not very complex but still it needs some special tools or we can say it has some particular […] Read more