Bluehost Review 2022: Why Choose Bluehost as a hosting company

There are several selections in regards to web hosting as well as WordPress hosting providers. Bluehost is one of the renowned web hosts in the market. Currently, they host above 2 million websites worldwide with excellent customer services. They offer 30 days guarantee for all their services. In case you are not pleased with their services you have the authority to cancel their services and request a refund. Probably, you may be wondering why you need to choose Bluehost as your hosting company. In this post, I will show you five reasons why you need to select Bluehost as your hosting provider.

Why cherry-pick Bluehost?

Bluehost hosting is less expensive

It’s crystal clear that when selecting a web hosting provider then you will need to go to a cost-effective provider. This is exactly the kind of service that Bluehost provides. Currently, Bluehost hosting starts at $ 2.95 per month as opposed to its initial cost of $7.99 per month. In fact, you get to save $5.04 per month. Apart from the discount, Bluehost also provides you with an uncharged (Free) domain name. To get this free service then what you need to do is to click on this exclusive promotion link.

Bluehost hosting also comes with a number of excellent free features which include but not limited to uncharged site creation, 1,000+ free models, one-click WordPress connection that is only if you will be using WordPress, Bings and Google Ad words credits.

Some of the modern features that Bluehost offers include but not limited to unrestricted domains as well as website hosting, sufficient disk space as well as bandwidth, sufficient correspondence accounts and FTP accounts, safe shell, SSL certification, FTP, 24/7 Phone, Chat, and Email Provision.

Since Google is recently solemn about the safety of netizens, they have made free SSL certification as a factor of ranking by the search engine. Bluehost provides unrestricted SSL certification to each and every new as well as existing users. This is crucial for bloggers who are initiating new sites on Bluehost or even deviating from existing sites to Bluehost.

Bluehost is Manageable

When selecting a web host, you need to ensure that the hosting provider is manageable. Bluehost hosting is user-friendly.

The other unique factor with Bluehost is that it uses the most renowned cPanel( control panel) in the market. The design of Cpanel is clean and therefore it makes the creation of your site a fast and cool process. A screenshot of Cpanel is shown below, have a look at it.

Bluehost cPanel provides you with the platform to edit your documents, databases, domains as well as accounts. One amazing thing with Bluehost cPanel is that it includes simple scripts. Simple scripts is none other than one-click script installer that gives easy setup and management for apps including but not limited to renowned ones like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.

Another crucial feature of Bluehost that makes it stand out is its inbuilt caching characteristics. You don’t need to use any third party cache plugin such as WP Super Cache or even W3 Total Cache. With Bluehost hosting depending on the type of your site, you can organize the level of hoarding.

Quick Page Loading Speed

When selecting a web host, most probably what comes into the mind is its loading speed. In case you want visitors and your prospective customers to consistently check on your website then you have to consider that with quick loading speed.

On the other hand, page speed is also used to rank your site by the search engines. Bluehost offers the Cloudflare CDN facility that permits its clients to improve the speed of their site as well as its functionality.

The motive behind Cloudflare CDN service provision by Bluehost is to ensure that your site stays up and run as the Cloudflare maintains a reserved copy of your site online merely for your visitors as well as your readers.

99.9% Uptime

Bluehost provides 99.9% uptime and makes sure that it delivers it on time. Bluehost as well possess all their servers in its own devoted data centers. These data centers provide prospective customers with security as well as stability. All said and done, it’s crystal clear that this is an excellent reason why you should select Bluehost.

Bluehost offers all-time technical support

Bluehost provides all-time technical support through phone, live chat, and even email. Once their customer has a problem they can contact the support team through email, chats, or even phone calls. Usually, their customers contact them via phone by calling or sending a text to (888)401-4678.

On the other hand, they also provide an outstanding help care base where their clients type the hurdles they are experiencing. Answers to these questions are presented via the same platform which prevents the customers from directly reaching to the outstanding support team.


All said and done, the five elaborated reasons clearly show why you need to choose Bluehost as your web hosting. All these amazing facts can make you go the extra mile in your proposed business. Bluehost is the best web hosting one should consider.

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