YouTube is the leading platform for video content. Video content marketing has become essential for brands as YouTube is the second largest search engine at present. You can hook the targeted audiences easily with intriguing videos. People have started to accept YouTube as a profession where one can earn money by uploading quality content. As easy as it sounds, when you create a YouTube channel and start uploading videos, you will understand it is not that easy either. You need subscribers to watch and share your videos so that you get more views and earn money from ads. The greater the reach and views, the more will be the earning. As a matter of fact, you need 4,000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers yearly to start monetization of videos. So the question arises is how to grow on YouTube once you get started. Here are 10 best ways to get more subscribers on YouTube in 2020: 1. Make Unique Content Most of the new YouTubers have the habit of copying exactly what other popular YouTubers are doing in the niche. If someone is already doing something and they are quite popular, why would the viewers watch your video?

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