how to integrate facebook messenger on website

Nowadays every website owner likes to find the best way to contact their customers so that he/she can contact them easily. There are many chat options are available but most of them are paid. So Facebook messenger is the best way to interact with your website visitors because most of the people in this world have their Facebook accounts. So using Facebook messenger will make easy for both website owner and website visitor to contact each other.

In this article, I will show you steps to integrate Facebook messenger to your website so that your website visitors can contact you easily via Facebook Messenger:

Step 1: Install WP Chatbot Plugin

We will use WP Chatbot plugin to add facebook messenger on the website. So firstly we will install this plugin. In order to install this plugin you need to go to Plugins >> Add New.

Then search for ‘WP Chatbot’ in plugin search box and then you will see this plugin. Click on Install Now and then Activate button.

use facebook messenger on website

Step 2: Login to the developer account.

Click here to login to facebook developer account. If you are already logged in in facebook then you don’t need to log in again to developer again. You will be automatically logged in to the developer account.

login to facebook developer account

Step 3: Create a New App

At the top right corner of Facebook Developer Account you will see ‘My Apps‘ click on it and then click on Add a new app.
create new app on facebook

After Clicking on Add a New App you will see this popup window. You need to give a name to your app and then click on Create App ID button.

give facebook app a name

Step 4: Enter code for Security Check

After click on Create App ID button, it will perform a security check. So you need to enter given code or text and then click on Submit button.

enter text to create facebook app

Once you will click on Submit button, then on the next screen you will see App id at the top of your screen. You need to copy this App id because we need this ID in order to use facebook chatbox on our website.

Step 5: Copy APP ID

find app id in facebook

Step 6: Go to Chatbot and Enable it

If you have installed and activated WP Chatbot plugin then you will see WP Chatbot panel on WP Dashboard. Click on it and you will be redirected to WP Chatbot settings page. Firstly enable this plugin. Now we need two things to make this plugin work. First, is Facebook APP ID which we have already created. Enter App ID here and the Second thing we need is Facebook page ID. In the next step, I will show you that how can you find facebook Page ID.

Step 7: Find Facebook Page ID

We have our App id and now we need facebook page ID. So in order to find facebook page ID we need to go to our page and then click on About from the left menu(Please check below image).

find page id in facebook

Then on about page, you need to scroll down where you will find your Facebook Page ID. We need this ID so that we will be able to complete facebook messenger installation on the website.

how to find facebook page id

Step 8: Enter Facebook Page ID

Now again go to WP Chatbot from WordPress dashboard and then enter this page id on Facebook Page ID textbox and then scroll down and click on Save Changes button.

facebook page id

WP Chatbot Setting page

After Clicking Save Changes button go to your website and then you will see that facebook chatbox is installed on your website. Now, you will be able to chat with your website visitors directly from your facebook messenger.

facebook messenger chatbox on website

remove website url from wordpress comments form

You can remove website URL field from comments form in two different ways:

Method 1: Remove website URL field using functions.php
Method 2: Remove website URL field using plugin

Method 1: Remove website URL field using functions.php

You just need to write this below code in functions.php file.

function websoft_disable_comment_url($fields) {
return $fields;

After adding this below code you will see that URL field will be removed from comments form.

  • godaddy

  • Method 2: Remove website URL field using plugin

    In order to remove URL field from comments form, you need to install Remove Comment Website/URL Box plugin.

    remove url field from wordpress comments field

    After activating this plugin you will see that URL field will be automatically removed from comments box.

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    add password to wordpress post or wordpress page

    If you will publish a post or page in WordPress then it will be visible to visitors right away but sometimes you want to show content to specific people. So you can do it very easily in WordPress by adding a password to your post or page. After entering that password, the visitor will be able to see post or page content. These are the steps to add password to your post or page:

    Step 1: On the right side of the page editor you will see Publish section. There you will see Visibility option. You need to click on Edit link after Public label. Visibility is set to Public by default but we will change it to Password protected.

    protect wordpress page or post with password

    Step 2: After clicking Edit link you will see other two options Password Protected and Private. Please see below image:

    password protect wordpress post or page

    You need to click on Password protected and then you need enter your password in password box and then click on ok button.

  • godaddy

  • Step 3: Now you will see that your page or post visibility is changed to Password protected. Now you need to click on Publish button but if you are adding a password to the existing published post or page then you will see the Update button instead of Publish button. Now you will click the Update button. I am creating a new post so it’s showing Publish button. Please see this below image:

    how to apply password to wordpress post or page

    Step 4: After clicking publish or update when you will open your post or page you will see that it will ask for a password and it will show you a message that “This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below“. Please see this below image:

    Now enter your password which we added in step 2. After entering that password, content will be visible to you. So in this way you can protect your post or page with a password in WordPress.

    If you are facing any issue then please message me below in comments section and don’t forget to share this article.

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    programming languages to learn in 2018

    Which programming language should I have to learn? Which technical language will put my career at the height of success and better earning as well? Which is the highly recommended programming language by the experts? Etc. These are some frequent questions, that comes to everyone’s mind who are planning to learn a programming language and set their career as a web programmer or a web developer. Today a lot of technology has set their feet in the IT industry. In a small duration of 3 to 6 months, a new language or technology is introduced in the industry. Also, they come with some new trends and features which are useful to make a massive and elegant web and mobile application. All this thing creates a lot of confusion when we have to select one option. To end this confusion of choosing a better career option for being a web developer, here we provide a list of top 7 Programming languages you should learn in 2018.

    1. Python: Python is at the top position and popular these days, among all the other programming languages. This technology will give you more chances to get a better job along with high package in the IT industry. As we can see the job rate graph of Python for the year 2017, then we come to know its popularity and demand is increasing by 5000 job postings. Today a 90% of expert developers prefer this language for the purpose of software creation, data extraction, computing, etc.

    2. Javascript: This is one of the most popular programming language from past decades. Also, we can say that JavaScript is the backbone of every programming language. More than 80% of web developers and programmers use JS to give a ravishing look to their mobile and web applications. This percentage will more improve in the year 2018. This language has so many frameworks, such as, React native, AngularJS which makes it easy for the developers to make a fully functional website.

  • Godaddy

  • 3. Java: Java is a server-side language. It has down its popularity levels in 2017, but its extremely a well settled and powerful programming language. This is over 20 years old language, besides this, it is still the first choice of developers and also used by millions of web programmers across the world. The development of all the mobile application is completely based the one single technology, which is none other than Java. You must have to learn this programming language in 2018 if you are looking to make your future as a mobile app developer.

    4. PHP: PHP is a server-side scripting language, which is used in the creation of numerous of dynamic and e-commerce websites. Today an 80% of programmers are using this language. It has so many frameworks including, Zend, Laravel, Cake PHP, and Codeigniter, which are its topmost frameworks. As per recent calculations over 10 million of websites are developed in PHP. That is the reason to learn PHP in 2018 will become the best decision as it opens wide doors of career options along with a nice package.

    5. Perl: Perl is a high-level dynamic programming language, which is used to for Web development, GUI development, network programming and many more. The overall structure of Perl derives broadly from C. All variables are marked with leading sigils, which allow variables to be interpolated directly into strings.

    6. Swift: This is the most popular language these days to develop an iOS and OS apps. With the help of its cross platforms like hybrid apps and spritekit it becomes easier to build 2D games which looks very neat and clean, and easy to use as well. Swift language is fully based on Ruby and Python. By learning this language you can easily track all your programming errors and bugs.

    7. Kotlin: It has been announced as the official Android app development environment with Android Studio. This is the reason that Kotlin is the most demanding language in the app development industry for the programmers. In the coming years, we will see that the regular reduction of Java and dominance in the Android Studio. Due to this, you must have to learn this language in 2018. We can also say that Kotlin will become the future of Android app development industry.

    See the graph below to get the actual percentage stat of all the above seven languages to get a perfect idea about its usage and job success rate.

    best programming languages

    All of these languages are used by a 90% of expert developers and programmers, and also provide a huge job opportunity to every level. Besides all the above programming languages, there are so many other languages such as Ruby, Rust, C#, .Net (dot net), Meanstack, AngularJS, NodeJS. Like all the other programming languages they also provide frameworks through which you can learn and create an awesome web application or software for a wide range of purpose like entertainment, gaming, dating, chatting, learning, buying selling website, etc.

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    change wordpress admin login URL

    In WordPress, if you want to login to your WordPress dashboard then you need to add /wp-admin or /wp-login.php at the end of your domain i.e www.yourwebsite.com/wp-admin or www.yourwebsite.com/wp-login.php then it will take you to WordPress dashboard login page.

    But sometimes it can affect your website security because of some reasons like anybody can come to know that you are using WordPress or hacker can try to guess your username and password and can try to hack your website. So we should change our website login page URL in order to make our website secure.

    We will use WPS Hide Login plugin to change URL of our login page.

    These are steps to change WordPress login page URL:

    Step 1: Firstly we will go to Plugins >> Add New.

    add new plugin

  • Godaddy

  • Step 2: We will search for “WPS Hide Login” plugin and then you will see this screen. Please check this image:

    install wps login page

    You need to click on Install button and then Activate. The plugin is activated now we can use this plugin to change our admin page URL.

    Step 3: In order to change admin page URL we will go to Settings >> General tab and then scroll down.

    settings general

    Step 4: After scrolling down you will see WPS Hide Login section. You need to enter your login URL there. By default its login but you can change it to something else. In below image, you can see that I have changed it to mylogin.

    change website admin URL in wordpress

    Step 5: You can see in below image that my website login URL is changed from www.websofttutorials.com/wp-admin to www.websofttutorials.com/mylogin

    change wordpress login url

    In this way, you can change your website login page URL to make it secure. If you liked this article, then please subscribe to my youtube channel for more programming related tutorials and don’t forget to share this article to help more people to protect their website.

    If you have still any question then please comment below.

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    Contact form7 autoresponder

    An autoresponder is a service which automatically sends out emails to the people who submit forms from your website. The main benefit of this service is that you can send a pre-written message or you can send offers as well.

    Contact form7 is most popular contact form plugin. So in this article, I will show you that how to setup autoresponders in Contact form7.

  • Godaddy

    1. Scroll down on your contact page and you will see Mail(2) section.
    2. Select Use Mail checkbox and then copy email shortcode [your-email] and paste it into To textbox. We need this shortcode to send autoresponders. (You can see below image for reference.)
    3. This [your-email] shortcode will catch users email which he will enter in email box while submitting a contact form.
    4. Then enter your message which you want to send via autoresponder and then click on save button. Now your autoresponder is setup.

    How to Setup Autoresponder in Contact Form7 WebSoftTutorials

    If you are facing any issue with Contact Form7 autoresponder then please comment below.

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    So, you have your blog and website set up. You have killer content and a catchy name and logo. Basically, you have everything you need to have a successful blog or website. But, as the days pass, you notice you’re not getting the traffic you’d be expecting. Don’t worry, you can change that. You simply need to learn how to direct traffic to your blog or website. Just because you have a blog or website online, doesn’t mean your work is done, you still have to do a couple things to make sure your blog or website gets the attention it deserves.

    These are some ways with which you can generate to your website:

    1. Share content more than once

    share content

    Many bloggers fail because they’re not sharing their content. You may have great content, however, if no one sees it, it doesn’t mean anything. So, you need to make sure you’re not sharing your content once and then forgetting about it. Instead, you need to make sure your content is being shared over various social media platforms and re-shared on those platforms after a month or two from its first publishing. Not everyone is going to see your content the first time you share it, so make sure you re-share after a month or two, that way, you’ll get those who missed it the first time.

  • godaddy

  • 2. Write Catchy Titles or Headlines

    You should write catchy Titles or Headlines so that it will grab the attention of readers. For example, I am on the google page and I can see two articles there. On the first article, it’s written “Create a blog” and the second article title is “The Ultime Guide to Create a Blog in 20 minutes”. So there will be more chances that you will click the second article because it has more catchy name which will grab the attention of the reader. So it is recommended to use effective titles for your articles.

    3. Use social media

    Social media, for the most part, is the best way to advertise your blog or website. You can create a Twitter account, a Facebook page, an Instagram account – you literally have all these tools available for you to promote yourself. So, make sure you take advantage of them. Through the various social media platforms, you’ll be able to hit different demographics and direct them to your blog/website. If you’re only using Facebook, you’re limiting your audience.

    Social media advertisement can be free or paid. It’s completely your choice that in which way to want to promote your website. If you will go for paid advertisement then you will start seeing results very quickly. Now I will show you how different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram help you to generate traffic to your website.

    Facebook: Facebook has near about 1.94 billion active users and users of Facebook are increasing day by day. So we can say that facebook is best option to advertise our website. On Facebook both free and paid advertising is available. The Facebook free advertisement is very effective. Means if you don’t want to spend money on advertisement even then you can promote your website. These are the things you can do on Facebook:

    1. Share your articles with relevant groups to drive traffic to your website.

    share Content to relevant groups

    In this image, you can see that I have shared my first article to Learn blogging 100 Days group and with in just 1 day I got 250 visits to my website and I got 15 likes and 4 comments on my article. This is just about 1 group so now you can understand that how much traffic you can generate by sharing content to relevant groups.

    2. Create your business page and create your own audience
    Creating your business page will help you to create your own audience. You can share your facebook page link on groups and on the comments section to drive traffic to your Facebook page and you can add facebook like box to your website as well. So users who are coming to your website will like your page from your website and they will become your regular audience.

    facebook like box

    In this image, you can see that I have added facebook like box to my website so that visitors can like my page and they will become my regular audience. So everytime whenever I will share a new facebook post then they will get notified automatically.

    3. Comment under posts on facebook

    share your comments

    In this image, you can see that a user is asking about the Twitter tool and on comment box a user has shared a website link so that people who are seeing this post will click on this link. So in this way this user is driving traffic to his website.

    4. Paid Advertisement

    The other option available in Facebook is paid promotion and it’s very beneficial because you will start getting traffic in less time and it is not very expensive. With paid promotion, you can target specific audience according to their age, location, gender, interests etc. You can see an example of paid ads below.

    facebook paid advertisement

    Twitter: Twitter is another social media giant to promote your website. It has built on the foundation of Micro Blogging and is an incredible way to connect with your targeted audience if you will use it properly. Twitter has 100 million daily active users. So now you can understand that you have targeted audience on Twitter as well. You need to follow these steps to promote your business on twitter:

    1. Use a real photo of you.
    2. Always post relevant content.
    3. Engage in conversations.

    With twitter you can create your own audience means you can make your followers on twitter. when you will post something on twitter your followers will be notified automatically. Now you can understand the importance of Twitter.

    Note: There are some platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ etc which you can use to generate traffic to your website.

    4. Find different ways to show your content

    write for me

    You need to find various ways to publicize your content. At the moment, you have your content written on your site, but what about audio books? Ebooks? Podcast? You should know that just because you have written an article, it doesn’t have to stay in that form. You can market it in different ways. So, try various techniques. Yes, have written content, but also try something like a podcast – this will help build a discussion around your content which in the end develops a community.

    5. Write for other influential blogs/websites

    You’re probably a great writer, you wouldn’t be creating a blog or website if you weren’t. But just because you have your own blog or website, it doesn’t mean you should stop writing for other websites. In fact, you should be making sure that you write for other websites/blogs that are in the same niche as you. This way, you’ll be able to direct visitors from their site onto yours. So, don’t be shy to write for other sites, even if it’s for free. The reward is much greater than a couple dollars.

    6. Have guest writers

    It’s worth having influential guest writers on your blog/website. You will most likely have to pay for their services, however, your blog/website will be shown as reliable and valuable to that niche topic. Influential writers already have the following and social media presence which you don’t have yet. So, by doing this, you’re opening yourself up to an entire community which is already well established.

    7. Keep it simple

    keep it simple

    Don’t stress out and think that you have to come up with this impressively gigantic strategy to get visitors to your blog or website. It’s really simple to do, this is why many people are scared of trying it out. They think that there’s some secret code behind getting visitors to your site, there’s not. But, you do need to invest the time into it, that’s really the only way this will work.

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    We have installed WordPress in our previous article. Now, we need to do some essential settings to our website to make it fast, efficient and secure. Here is the list of these essential settings which we should do after installing WordPress:

    1. Remove Dummy Content
    2. Change Site Title, Tagline and Time Zone
    3. Select www or non www version of website
    4. Configure WordPress Permalinks
    5. Enable/Disable User Registration
    6. Configure Reading Settings
    7. Install Nice Looking Theme
    8. Improve Page Load Speed
    9. Secure Your Website
    10. Media Files Settings
    11. Setup User Profile
    12. Optimize Your Images
    13. Configure Ping List
    14. Setup Google Analytics
    15. Install SEO Plugin

    1. Remove Dummy Content

    After installing WordPress you will see a dummy post (Hello World), a dummy page (Sample Page) as well as a dummy comment. It is highly recommended that you should delete this dummy content. You can easily delete this from your WordPress Dashboard. You can see below images:

    (Delete WordPress dummy Hello World! post)

    Delete dummy wordpress post

    (Delete WordPress dummy Sample Page)

    delete dummy wordpress sample page

    (Delete WordPress dummy Comment)

    Delete WordPress dummy comment

  • godaddy

  • 2. Change Site Title, Tagline and Time Zone

    In order to change Site Title, Tagline and Time Zone we need to go to Settings >> General from your WordPress Dashboard. We have to change the Site Title and Tagline because it will appear on Google Search results.

    (Change Site Title and Tagline in WordPress)

    Change Site title and tagline in wordpress

    (Change Time Zone in WordPress)

    Change Time zone in wordpress

    3. Select www or non www version of website

    You will see some websites with www prefix like www.inderbia.com, www.google.com on another side you will see some website without www prefix for example yoursite.com. You can use anyone you want but most of the big companies use www prefix with their domain name. If you will not use www prefix then it will not affect your website SEO. So it means it’s completely your personal choice that you want to use www prefix to the domain name or not. In WordPress if you want to use this prefix then you need to go to Settings >> General. Then you will see this page.

    use www

    You need to add www prefix and then click on save button. Then you will be automatically logged out from WordPress and then you need to log in again. Now you will be able to see www prefix with your domain name.

    You need to go to Settings >> Permalinks to change permalinks structure.

    Default permalinks structure is – http://yourwebsite.com/?p=123

    We need to change it because it’s not friendly to search engines. So we need to change it to Post name.

    change wordress permalinks structure

    5. Enable/Disable User Registration

    user registration

    If you will enable this option, only then users will be able to register on your website. You need to enable this option if you want to use guest blogging on your website. You can set their default role. You can see a list of roles and permissions which they will have so that you will be able to decide if you want to enable user registration or not.

    Administrator – Administrator will have access to all admin features on the website.
    Editor – Editor creates and manages posts. They can manage posts of another user as well.
    Author – Authors can publish and manage their own posts only.
    Contributor – Contributors can write and manage their own posts but they can’t publish them.
    Subscriber – Subscribers can manage their profile only.

    There will be a chance that you will receive spam registrations so there are some plugins available which can help get rid of this spamming issue. I have used WangGuard plugin to stop spam user registration and it works very well.

    6. Configure Reading Settings

    wordpress reading settings

    Reading settings are very important if you want to use a static page as a front page of your website or you want to increase/decrease posts per page. For reading settings you need to go to Settings >> Reading. If you want to use a static page as a front page of your website, then select A static page option and then select a page from the list of pages. If you haven’t created any page yet then you can go to pages >> Add new where you can create pages and if you want to increase/decrease the number of posts per page then you can change it from Blog pages show at most option. You just need to enter a value here. By default, it’s 10 but you can change it.

    7. Install a Nice Looking Theme

    It’s time to install a nice looking theme for the blog. WordPress provides many free and nice looking themes which you can use on your blog. In order to install new theme you need to go to Appearance >> Themes

    install wordpress theme new option

    You will see list of Themes which are installed. If you want to add new a theme then you need to click on the Add New option then you’ll see below this screen:


    You can see that you can install a theme from this page and you can add your search keyword as well. You have some filters like Featured, Popular, Latest, Favorites and you can see upload theme options. Upload theme option allows you to upload a theme zip file from your computer.

    Or if you want to purchase a nice looking theme then you can purchase from these websites.

    1. Themeforest
    2. Mythemeshop
    3. Template Monster

    8. Improve Page Load Speed

    Page load speed is very important, if your website has slow page loading, this will stop visitors to come to your website. So, page load speed plays a very vital role to attract new visitors. In WordPress, there are many plugins available which can help to increase website page load speed.

    Here is some free plugins:

    1. Wp Total Cache
    2. Wp Super Cache
    3. Smush Image Compression and Optimization
    4. Wp Lazy Load

    We’ve used one premium plugin as well (Wp Rocket). It works very well to increase page load speed.

    9. Secure Your Website

    You need to do some settings on your website to protect your website from hackers and spammers. So, you need to do activate settings like disabe directory access, change admin panel url, Limit login attempts,and change your password.

    1. Disable directory access: In order to disable directory access you need to go to .htaccess file from your hosting cpanel and add this code Options All -Indexes at the bottom.
    2. Change admin panel url: Changing admin panel url will protect your website from those hackers who are trying to login to your website via admin panel. There are some plugins available with which can easily change your website admin panel url. Here are some plugins: Protect Your Admin, WPS Hide Login.
    3. Limit login attempts: If somebody is trying to guess your website password then this plugin will be very helpful as it restricts user by limiting them with login attempts. If somebody attempts to log in multiple times, this plugin will block their ip address so that they’ll not able to access admin for next some time. You can change your password during this time.
    4. Change password: If you are using an easy password it’s time to changed it to a more complex one. You can change it by going to users and clicking on edit link under the username. Scroll down and there you can change your login password.
    5. change password

    6. Update themes and plugins: It is strongly recommended that you should check and update your WordPress themes and plugins regularly.

    10. Media file settings

    Whenever you upload an image to WordPress media library, then at that time WordPress automatically generate thumbnails of that image in different sizes. Means it will add unnecessary files to your uploads folder of your website and it will start consuming more space on the server. So if you don’t want these images to generate automatically then you need to go to Settings >> Media. Then you will see this page:

    media settings

    You can set these numbers to zero so that it will stop generating unnecessary image files on the server. On the other side, you can set image size according to your choice as well. Like you can see in this image you can set a default size for the thumbnail, medium and large image size as well.

    11. Set up user Profile

    It is very important to set up user profile because if you want to change user login password or you want to change default display name or you want to show your more details like First Name, Last Name, Nickname, Email and social media profiles then you need to click on Users tab and click on your username.


    display name

    change password

    12. Optimize Your Images

    Images also play a very vital role in page loading speed. If you upload large images then it will put a heavy load on the server which will affect page load speed of your website. This is what makes your site slow down and prevents visitors from viewing all the content on your site. So, it’s very important to optimize images of your website. There are some plugins like WP SMUSH and EWWW Image Optimizer available in WordPress which will help you optimize your website images very easily.

    13. Configure Ping list

    If you want to index your blog posts to search engines quickly then you need to use these ping services. For this you need to go to Settings >> Writing. Then you will see this page:

    paste ping list here

    Copy and paste this ping list to your website:


    14. Install Google Analytics

    Integrating google analytics is very important for your website because with google analytics you will have all statistics of your website like how many visitors are coming to your website, how much time they are spending, what is their location, what devices they are using to explore your website, how many users currently viewing your website and you will get more stats as well. So that you will be able to create your marketing and promotion strategy accordingly. Now you can understand how google analytics plays very important role in your website. Now I will tell you steps to integrate google analytics to your website.

    Step 1: Go to this url: https://www.google.co.in/analytics/
    Step 2: Click on Google analytics link from this page

    Step 3: You will be asked to login to your gmail account. Now you need to login to your gmail account. Then you will redirect to this page:

    google analytics singup

    Step 4:

    account details

    Analytics tracking id

    You need to fill this form and then you need to click on Get Tracking ID button. You will get a Tracking ID and you need to add this tracking id to your WordPress website. There are many WordPress plugins available with which you can add google analytics code to your website.

    These are some plugins which you can use to add google analytics code to your website:

    1. GA Google Analytics
    2. Google Analytics

    15. Install SEO plugin

    Search engines are another big source of traffic for websites. That’s why it’s very important to install SEO plugin your website so it’ll be able to drive traffic to your website from search engines. We recommend some SEO plugins which will help you to drive traffic to your website such as:

    1. All in One SEO Pack
    2. Yoast SEO
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