Create Lead form ad extension on Google Search ads

The wait is over, marketers can now use the lead forms on Google search ads.

After realizing the success of lead forms on Facebook and Linkedin, Google has also launched the same feature for its search ads. And the best thing is, mobile users can see these ads on their mobile search result page.

This Lead form extension which is in BETA version help marketers to acquire information from the customers. Now you can add this form on your search ad in which viewers can fill and submit information on the spot.

Initially, a separate landing page was created by the websites to obtain information from the users. The process was a bit slow and also effect the lead generations.

So, the majority of marketers used Facebook or Linkedin to generate these ads to attract customers.But now you can create the lead form extensions in Google search ads too. It is faster and keeps the customers away from the website’s landing page.

How Google Lead form Extension is Beneficial

For marketers:

  • Form ads can help brands to double their conversions and generate better leads.
  • It removes the hassle of going to a landing page to fill the information. Thus making it more convenient for the brands to receive information if they don’t have a landing page.
  • Marketers can customize their lead forms. They can include fields like customer name, email address, phone number and zip code to retrieve information from user.
  • Form ads are easy to implement. It can be created by following a few easy steps, without the help of technical team.
  • It is mobile friendly that gives extra benefit to marketers to receive information from mobile users.
  • Leads can be downloaded from Google as .csv files, leads can be ditectly sent to CRM’s in real time.

For consumers:

  • Lead form extensions provide a better user experience.
  • It keeps the users away from going to a landing page. This makes lead form ads much faster in which information can be shared with a single click submit option.
  • These ads are easily accessible in which users can see and fill a form on different devices. This gives benefit to mobile users to fill and submit forms from their mobile phones.
  • An intro with background image in lead forms gives more clarity about the brand. This makes it easier for the users to understand about brand on the spot, without moving to its website.

How to create Lead form

Creating a lead form extension is quite easy.
Here I’m showing you 3 easy steps through which you can simply create your lead form in just 5 minutes.

Step 1. Select lead form extension

  1. Login to Google Ads.
  2. Click on “Ads & extensions” in the navigation bar.
  3. Click on the “Extensions”.
  4. Select “Lead form extensions”.

Step 2. Create your extension

Next, you will select campaign in which you want to use lead form extension, choose interesting “call to action” and write interesting extension text.

Lead form includes headline, business name and a description that can be up to 200 characters.
Select the pieces of information you want to ask from the users. This include:
• Name
• Email
• Phone number
• Postcode

And below this, add website’s URL
You can also add a background image for the lead form, to give a more clear picture of your brand.

Step 3: Create Form Submission Message

  • Create the message that appears after users submit their information.
  • Select call-to-action.

If you select “Visit website”, it will show an option through which users can directly go to your website by clicking on it.

Review and accept the terms of service the first time you create a lead form extension.

Now you are all ready to use the lead form for your Google search ads. Enjoy this new extension to get customer’s information more easily and increase your leads.

Another important thing to note that the lead form extension is only a beta version. There is no update about its complete version yet.

Please comment below if this article helped you to create your Google lead form or you need any assistance in creating google lead form.

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