It is very easy to create a table in MySQL.  You need to use the Create table statement to create a table in MySQL. Please check below example

[php]create table table_name(
column1 datatype,
column2 datatype,
column3 datatype

There are three main elements in creating a table:
1. Table name: Name you want to give to your table. You can select any name.
2. column: Column name in your table.
3. datatype: Type of data you are going to store in that column.

But we can add more elements to a table.

let’s do a live example with a brief explanation:

[php]create table students(
student_name varchar(255) NOT NULL,
student_address varchar(255) NOT NULL,
PRIMARY KEY (roll_no)

Let’s explain these above statements:

  • Table name: students
  • columns: roll_no, student_name, student_address
  • datatype: int, varchar
  • Not Null: NOT NULL is used to prevent a user to create a record with a NULL value. If a user will try to create a record with NULL value then MySQL will display an error message.
  • AUTO_INCREMENT: Field Attribute AUTO_INCREMENT tells MySQL to go ahead and add the next available number to the id field.
  • PRIMARY KEY: Keyword PRIMARY KEY is used to define a column as a primary key.

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