Blog and vlog are two powerful communication tools that always challenge each other. A blog is a website where the content is presented in the form of text or images. Whereas vlog contains video content instead of textual content. To learn more about both the terms, read the whole article.

Difference between Blog and Vlog:

What is a blog?


A blog is an informational website published on the World Wide Web typically run by an individual or small group that writes and put content on it.

A blogger is someone who writes content for a blog & blogging is the act of writing a post for a blog. However, if you are not so good at writing then you can hire a freelance content writer.

Blogs are used to share thoughts and ideas. It can feature text, images, gifs, and PDFs.
Large website owners create blogs to share the latest news in their niche with their followers.

It is also created by individuals who want to share their knowledge and ideas with the audiences on the internet. Moreover, you can also create a blog on social media.

For example: A passionate traveler who has a traveling blog can share his stories and experiences through words and photographs he captured throughout his journey.

What is a vlog?

What is vlog

The term “vlog” originally comes from a blog. It is short for video blogs where information is shared in the form of video. It explains everything through video.

For some people, reading seems boring. So, they use vlogs to perceive the information just by watching and listening.

The most popular platform for vlogging is Youtube.

People create youtube channels where they upload motivational videos, educational videos, memes, funny videos, or anything which is interesting for your targeted audience. etc.

Blog and vlog: Popularity

blog vs vlog

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Why Vlogs are popular?

The presentation of content is what makes a blog and vlog different from each other. When it comes to popularity, vlog has more audience than a blog.

According to the data, users watch over 70,000 videos on Youtube in one second.

Creating videos is much easier than writing content, especially for those who are not good at writing.

You just need a camera phone and internet connection to start vlogging. Some professional vloggers use extra lights and props to make their videos more interesting.

Remember, presentation skills are important. Some people have great content but they lack good presentation skills.

Good presentation skills make your video engrossing and grab more attention from the viewers.

Live streaming videos in vlogs are becoming more popular day by day. It gives an opportunity to see events in real-time. Also, it makes it easier to interact through live chat.

Many famous vloggers, celebrities and influencers use Youtube as a medium to deliver online video content.

Moreover, Youtube is a very common platform for vlogging. it has opened up tremendous opportunities for beginners to showcase their talents and gain popularity.

People love watching videos than reading posts. That is why video content attracts more viewers than written content.

Videos are more engaging and keep the interest of the viewers alive.

What are blogs and vlogs for?

Businesses and individuals always look for new ways of communication to engage audiences effectively.

Vlogging and Blogging are two key methods followed by the brands or individuals that help them to generate maximum traffic on the websites and especially for individuals it is a primary and secondary source of money.

Various vloggers and bloggers make huge amounts of income from various monetization methods like Google Adsense, sponsored Ads, referral ads, etc.

Be it fashion gurus on YouTube, traveling experts or home chefs, everyone is using these two powerful strategies to promote their brands or themselves in a digital space.

Many prominent vloggers are making huge money from their channels by attracting millions of viewers and subscribers to it. You just need to follow some ways to build your subscribers list.

Choosing the right method of communication is important for you or your business. So, before sharing your thoughts and knowledge with the viewers, you need to learn the difference between both.

Why blogs are popular?

There is an unprecedented rise in the number of blogs these days.According to the report, there are 91.8 million new posts published on WordPress each month.

Almost all the big brands have their blogs. It supports business online activities and helps them to increase their sales. With the help of a blog, you can share your ideas & knowledge through written words, without facing a camera.

A blog can be modified into an online shop where you can sell your products and services to the customers.

You can rank your blog in the top results of a search engine by putting great and valuable content on it. Check these Ultimate Content writing tips.

Also, you can expand your network by linking to other blogs in your posts, by giving reviews on different topics and by responding to the other blog posts. This will increase the reach of your blog and drive more traffic to it.

Moreover, many blogs are useful in promoting vlogs. You can support various activities through blogs that is why it is still used by many individuals and brands.

Earning Potential

How to make money through Vlog:

Making money through vlogging is not difficult if your content has the potential to win the hearts and minds of the audience. The success of your vlog is all depended upon the number of viewers and subscribers you have. So, always try to make your content interesting in order to get more subscribers on youtube.

Advertising other brands in your vlog is a common approach used by many vloggers to earn money.

Meanwhile, you can earn money with Google Adsense by allowing Google to display ads on your youtube videos. This service is free and easy to use.

You just need to create an Adsense account and link it to Youtube. Google will place ads in your videos and you will get a commission every time someone sees the advertisement.

Finding sponsors for your youtube channel is another good way to earn money. Sponsors are well-established brands that have a high number of subscribers and viewers. It allows the Youtuber to use their platform and present themselves to a large audience.

How to make money Through Blog:

There are so many different ways to earn money from Blogging such as Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored posts, Adsense, Email marketing, etc.

Adsense works in the same way in which Google place ads in your blog and give you commission per engagement on each ad.

Earning through affiliate marketing is very easy. In this, you can promote the product of other brands and get a commission on each sale.

Sponsoring is also useful in blogging to make money. In this, you will promote the other business by creating a post on your blog and you will get paid for each post.

Email Marketing is still the strongest method of marketing that has the highest conversion rate. Through blog can you easily collect the emails of the users through the landing page and build an email list.

Creating authentic content and sending it across the emails will grow your business at a faster rate.

You can also make a profit by promoting the products of others using an affiliate link in your email.

You can also create your online store where you can sell your products and services and make money.

Final Words: The digital revolution gave us two valuable communication tools. If you are wondering, which one to choose. We’ll only suggest you check your requirements first, see your interests, your abilities and then choose the one that can best present your ideas and stories on the screen.

Both are equally important in making money. Don’t worry about that. Just stick to your goals and let your inner magic comes out and touch millions of hearts and minds. You can achieve great things in a single night.

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