Cookies are the small files that are stored in your PC. These files are used by the website that your browser store. Basically, each website that you visit create some cookies on your PC or smartphone so that next time whenever they are accessed, they can load faster.

Some Websites use cookies to store user data for instance, once you have logged in to Facebook now, even if you will close the Facebook tab and whenever you will reopen it you need not to login again. This is because your login details are sorted in the cookies that are available on your system. Whenever you will access Facebook, it will check in those files (cookies) about your login history and if something exists then it will resume your session.

As a user, we might have privacy issues if any website if not informing us whether they are using cookies or not. Or it is like as a User we will appreciate the website that will tell us at the very initial phase that they are using cookies to improve the user experience.

Today I will share a guide through which you can display Cookie message on your website. This guide will help you to build a better understanding between your website and your audience.

So, let’s begin with the guide.

Step 1 – Install “Cookies Notice for GDPR” plugin

We will use Cookies Notice for GDPR plugin to add cookie message to the website. So you need to go to Plugins >> Add new and then install this plugin.

How to add Cookies Message on Website

Step 2 – Configure the Plugin

You have installed the plugin, activated it now you have to configure the plugin so that it can display the message that you want it to display. You need to go Settings >> Cookie Notice.

How To Add A Cookie Consent Notification In WordPress

Here you will find different configuration options like :

Message – Type what you want your viewers to see in the Cookies Message.

Button Text – This option will set the text of the button which your readers will be clicking if they agree with your terms and conditions.

Refuse – Through this option, you will give your readers an option to reject your request of using cookies.

Position – You will have different positions options for the message. You can select any one of them as per your wish.

Button Design– This option will allow you to customize your Button that will be visible to your readers.

how to add cookie popus in wordpress

Apart from this, you will be having more such options through which you can easily get what you want.

Step 3 Save and Exit

Once you have configured the Plugin then you just have to hit the save button and form the next moment, a message will be visible on your website.
setup cookie notification in wordpress

So, this was a guide through which you can easily display the cookies message on your website. We have selected the most reliable and trusted plugin, if you want to use the different plugin then no problem you are free to use. If we have skipped something then do let us know in the comment section below.

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