Do you love writing about different and interesting topics? Do you wish to earn money by being a freelance content writer? Well, this article will help you learn all the tips and tricks to become a freelance writer in no time. Just follow the steps mentioned in this article and start getting freelance content writing projects from clients across the world. In this article, you will read about all the industry secrets that can help you become a successful content writer.

Content writers can work full-time in a certain company or they can opt for the freelance route. Being a freelancer has lots of benefits, you can work according to your own schedule, you can earn well, and you can choose what projects to work on. If you are new to the freelance world then don’t worry, this article will help you understand this industry well.

Skills Required

To become a successful content writer, you will need a certain skill set that is mentioned below. Along with these skills, you might also require a deep understanding of an area like fashion, food, finance, entertainment, travel, etc. Content writers can choose various niches in content writing as per their choices and interests.



• Writing skills
• Content management
• Consistency
• Research skills
• Unbiased reporting
• Clarity and balance in opinion
• Content development
• Interpersonal skills

Most of these skills can be learned online through free and paid online courses offered by websites like Coursera, Edx, Alison, etc. Moreover, these are basic skills that students learn in schools and colleges. People who are new to content writing must take an online or offline course before heading into the freelance industry.

Duties of a Content writer

Being a freelance content writer is not a cakewalk and every content writer has a variety of roles and duties. Most of the duties revolve around content writing or content curation. They have to write editorials, articles, press releases, blogs, magazine articles, journal articles, etc. For better understanding, most of their duties are mentioned below.

• Create quality content that is plagiarism-free and original.
• Edit, proofread, format, and standardize content material.
• Stay in touch with the design team to decide how the content will look in the final product.
• A review published content and revise content if needed.
• Manage content.
• Keep a record of past work.
• Make a content strategy for a certain period of time”.

Where to find freelance projects that pay well?

Search engines, social media, blogs, online ads, affiliate marketing, emails, and mobile apps.”
Finding work as a freelance content writer is not quite difficult but you must put persistent efforts in finding projects. There are several platforms that offer freelance content writing projects, you just need to know about them. Several online portals have been launched in the last decade that offers projects and jobs to freelancers. Other than that, you must network and socialize with other writers and freelancers to create a responsive network. To connect with other content writers, you can join Facebook groups that represent the content writing community, there are many. You can also join other online communities that bring all the content writers and clients in one place. Most importantly, you must create an account or profile on the websites mentioned below as they offer endless freelance projects that pay well.

Websites that offer Freelance Content Writing projects

• Fiver
• Elance
• Twitter
• Peopleperhour
• Contentmart
• Freelancer
• Guru
• Upwork
• Writerbay


Points to remember

• On freelance portals, create an impressive portfolio and profile to attract clients.
• Bid on the projects that you wish to do. Lowest bids have higher chances of approvals.
• Good reviews and testimonials on freelance portals can build trust and recognition among clients online.
• You can also create your own blog to showcase your skills and expertise to clients.
• To get more clients, you can list your freelance services on online directories like Justdial, Google business, etc.
• Get work on LinkedIn and Facebook by socializing with other writers and clients on dedicated pages.

What to charge? Average remuneration

Before you start taking projects, you must decide how much you will charge from each client. The price-list in the freelancing world is varied and it depends on various factors like content niche, writer’s experience, level of difficulty, research, etc. Some clients even have a fixed amount for their projects. Therefore, you must be flexible in terms of charging money from clients.

Most projects are paid on ‘per word’ basis or ‘hourly’ basis. A client might hire you for certain hours and pay a fixed amount per hour that can be anywhere between Rs. 100 to Rs. 1000, depending upon the nature of the project. Otherwise, a client can also pay for per word or project. Currently, the industry rate is between Rs. 1 to Rs. 5 per word, depending upon the content and project.

Mode of payment is usually decided between the client and the content writer. They both agree on a mode of payment and payment structure. Every project has a different payment structure and the content writer can ask for modifications if needed.


Freelancing has opened endless opportunities for content writers and if you are a wordsmith then you can carve a niche into the booming writing field. We live in the digital era and everything is going online. With more websites, more content is required, which is why there is a lot of demand for freelance contents writers. In short, it’s the right choice of career for all the writing enthusiasts out there.

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