Most of the websites get hacked because of their security. I have seen several websites that have good authority and audience but still, their security level is very basic. Almost every day I have seen people reporting that their website got hacked, their content was deleted. If you are having a good website and don’t want to lose it then this article is for you.

Today Here I will be sharing a quick guide through which you can prevent your website from hacking. You can add up security level to your website just by changing WordPress Login. Most of the websites are developed on WordPress, we hope you are also using the same. Here in this guide also we will be talking about the WordPress platform because as mention above the majority of the websites are developed on WordPress. If you want me to provide a guide on some other platform then you can drop a comment below and I will try to provide you with a solution as soon as possible.

In this guide, I will be using a free security WordPress plugin to change WordPress login page URL. I won’t be following the typical method that is changing the WordPress login page URL using cPanel as most of us aren’t that much great in handling cPanel. One wrong move can affect our whole website thus, we will be talking the safe path and after all, Plugin is also doing the same and it is not at all time consuming thus a big yes to Plugin method.

All right so let’s begin with the guide.

How to change the WordPress login URL?

The plugin that we are going to use in the guide is WPS HIDE Login plugin. WPS hide has over 90K + downloads and it is the easiest as well as safest plugin available for WordPress to get SEO friendly URL structure. Now, follow the below-mentioned instructions to change your WordPress Login URL:

Step 1#

Quickly log in to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to the plugin section and then click Plugins >> Add New. Here you need to install WPS HIde Login plugin.
How to Change WordPress Login Page URL

Step 2#

After installing and activating this plugin. You need to navigate to Settings >> WPS Hide Login.

Here under WPS Hide Login section, you will see Login URL and Redirection URL options. For the login URL, you can put anything you want and that will be your login URL. And for redirection URL you can put any page URL and then after this if anyone will try to access your WordPress admin area then he/she will be redirected to this entered URL.

I have selected 404 but you can add some other page URL as well. But I think 404 is the best page to redirect those users who are trying to access your admin area which will discourage them to access your WordPress admin area.

In order to save it, simply hit the save changes button and You have successfully changed the WordPress Login URL.

How to Change WordPress admin Page URL

Now go log out and then log in again and then you will see that your admin login URL is changed. Now if someone will try to access your admin area then he/she will be automatically redirect to 404 page or any other page you have entered in WPS Hide login plugin settings.
Create a Custom WordPress Login URL

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