In WordPress, if you want to login to your WordPress dashboard then you need to add /wp-admin or /wp-login.php at the end of your domain i.e or then it will take you to WordPress dashboard login page.

But sometimes it can affect your website security because of some reasons like anybody can come to know that you are using WordPress or hacker can try to guess your username and password and can try to hack your website. So we should change our website login page URL in order to make our website secure.

We will use WPS Hide Login plugin to change URL of our login page.

These are steps to change WordPress login page URL:

Step 1: Firstly we will go to Plugins >> Add New.

add new plugin


Step 2: We will search for “WPS Hide Login” plugin and then you will see this screen. Please check this image:

install wps login page

You need to click on Install button and then Activate. The plugin is activated now we can use this plugin to change our admin page URL.

Step 3: In order to change admin page URL we will go to Settings >> General tab and then scroll down.

settings general

Step 4: After scrolling down you will see WPS Hide Login section. You need to enter your login URL there. By default its login but you can change it to something else. In below image, you can see that I have changed it to mylogin.

change website admin URL in wordpress

Step 5: You can see in below image that my website login URL is changed from to

change wordpress login url

In this way, you can change your website login page URL to make it secure. If you liked this article, then please subscribe to my youtube channel for more programming related tutorials and don’t forget to share this article to help more people to protect their website.

If you have still any question then please comment below.

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