WordPress offers different ways through which you can change its password. The most convenient way to change the WordPress password is through the WordPress dashboard itself. But the problem with this method is you must have the current password with you. You can’t change the password if you don’t have the current password with you.
Today, I will be sharing a complete guide on how to change WordPress Password using PhpMyAdmin. Through this method, you can change the WordPress Password without knowing the current WordPress Password. But this method needs your access to cPanel. And before proceeding with this method, you should have your cPanel password with you.
So now let’s begin with the guide.

How to change the WordPress Password using PhpMyAdmin?

This guide includes some steps. Make sure you follow all steps carefully.

Step 1

Open the cPanel of your website by entering you login credentials.
How to change WordPress password using PhpMyAdmin

Step 2

In cPanel under the database section, you need to click on the phpMyAdmin option.
How to Reset a WordPress Password from phpMyAdmin

Step 3

This step is a little bit complex and it needs your 100% attention. On the phpMyAdmin webpage, you will find some database names on the left side. You need to open your website’s database

reset wordpress password from database

But If you don’t know the name of your database then you just need to go to root folder using File manager and then open wp-config.php file and here you will find your database name. Please check below image for reference.

How To Reset Your WordPress Password Using phpMyAdmin

Step 4

Once you have selected your website’s database. You will then see a list of tables in your website database. Now, from that list you need to open the wp-users named table.

Reset a WordPress Password with phpMyadmin

Once you have opened the users table, you will see some data under different columns. Now, search for your name under the user_login column. Go ahead and hit the edit button next to the row containing your username.

Step 6

Once you have clicked on edit, a form will appear on PhpMyAdmin, you have to delete the value in ”user_pass” and have to replace it with the password you want to set. Now check the value in the function column. It should be MD5, if it is not then select MD5 from the drop-down menu. And then press the go button.

change wordpress passwopress from database

We have selected MD5 option because PhpMyAdmin will now encrypt your enter value in the user_pass using MD5 hash. It is important because if someone gets access to your cPanel then he/she can easily know your WordPress password if it is stored normally. But it won’t be easy for anyone to decrypt the encrypted value.

How to change wordpress admin password phpmyadmin

Now you can see that you have changed your WordPress password successfully.

It is recommended to use the method only when it is required as it is quite complex and tackles with your complete website data thus, one wrong step can affect your website badly.

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