Creating a private page on WordPress will allow you to hide all the information published on it form your website visitors. Private Page of a WordPress website will only be visible to those users who have access to WordPress of that particular website. Here, we will be providing you all the required steps and instructions so that you can easily create a private page on WordPress for your site. But before moving towards the procedure of creating a private page, we must know what Private page is? And how it works?

What is Private WordPress Page?

Private WordPress Page is not very different from the normal WordPress page. You might have noticed the visibility option on the right side of the WordPress while writing a post on your website or creating a page. By default, the visibility option is set to public that means that anything (post or page) that you are going to publish on the website can be seen to any of the views. If in case you want to add some restriction on particular information then you need to shift that information to a private page. Thus, a private page is a segment that has some restrictions of its visibility.

How Does Private Page work?

Private WordPress Page is not accessible to all the viewers or user that pay a visit to the site, whereas it will only be visible to those whom the administrator of the website wants to show. In order to view the private page, one has to create an account on the website and admin needs to give him/her the authority to access the private data.

In WordPress there are three different authorities’ option available and administrator can pick any of them for the users as per their role in the website. The three options are: –

1. Administrator

The highest authority of the website. If any user has the authority of administrator, then he/she has access to each and every aspect of the website. He/she will be capable to edit, delete or publish any of the page and post on the website.

2. Editor

After Administrator, Editor is the highest post in terms of authorities. Again, Editor of the website has access to every element of the website. The editor is capable enough to delete, edit, publish any post or page (no matter what their visibility is).

3. Author

Author of a website doesn’t have the access to private pages, posts of any other users but they can create their own private page and post which can be monitored by other two authorities mentioned above.

Now, I hope you have the clear idea about which role you need to give to different users of your website. Through these roles, you can hide some of your website data from a specific category of users of your website

How to create Private Page on WordPress?

We have understood what private pages are, how they work and how you can hide information from the particular users on your website. Now, it’s time to learn How to create a Private Page on WordPress.

  1. The very step to create a private page is to navigate to options from where we can create a new page. Means you need to go to Pages >> Add New from your WordPress dashboard. You can also set your existing pages to private as well.
  2. Once you reached the screen from where you can create a new page, you need to enter the title of the page and your desired content.
  3. Now you have to navigate to the options mentioned at the right side of the page. There you will see an option as visibility, in that option you will notice that by default the value is “Public”.
    create private post in wordpress
  4. You have to edit that value and need to set it to “Private”.
    how to create private page in WordPress

Note: – Images that you have inserted in the Private Page will be seen to both Editor and Author in your Media library. So, beware of that.

convert existing post to private in wordpress

Boom! You have successfully created a Private Page on WordPress and you can easily use this particular page to hide all your sensitive data or some information that you can’t share with every user. We hope, this article was informative enough and it doesn’t create a state of confusion in your head regarding How to create Private Page.

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