WordPress powers nearly 25% of all the websites across the world. It is the first choice when it comes to creating any website whether it is e-commerce, business website, blog, educational website or online community website. Once you make your WordPress website live, you know that you have to keep up with the trend of the web development world and make changes to your website almost every year. It could be adding new features, changing the design for SEO compatibility, modification to solve issues and much more. But making changes to a live WordPress site is as dangerous as playing with fire. It may suffer downtime, face configurational issues, give rise to additional issues and all these will contribute towards bad user experience and lower SEO rank. That is where the concept of staging website in WordPress comes into play.

What is Staging website in WordPress and How is it Beneficial?

If you want to make changes to your WordPress website, instead of doing it on your live website, you can do it on an alternate website called staging website. A staging website is a replica of your live website that is tailor-made to implement the changes you want to make on your live website and test them out without affecting your live website. A staging website in WordPress has all the designs and features of your live website and hence, adding new features or solving any existing issue is as good as you are doing them on your live website. After incorporating the required changes and testing them out completely, you can finally implement them on your live website.

The best part is that if your website is based on WordPress, you can create a staging website effortlessly by several methods. The two most popular methods are listed below.

Method 1 – Get A Staging Website With Your Web Host

The easiest of creating a staging WordPress website is with the help of your web host. It is better to choose a web host that has a dedicated staging feature. In case you have already chosen a web host and it does not have this feature, you can go for the second method. Here are some of the features that a web host providing staging option provide that make the method the easiest.

Automatic Backup – Most of the web hosts provide the option to automatically backup the staging WordPress site before you make it live for testing.

One-Click Option – With this option, you can make the staging WordPress live and make it private as required.

Private Option – Web hosts hide your staging site from search engines so that duplicate content does not affect SEO parameter of your original website.

WordPress Web Hosts That Provide Staging WordPress Website-

1. WP Engine – WP Engine provides an in-built staging feature with WordPress plan and the option is available on WordPress dashboard from WP Engine> Staging> Copy Site from Live to Staging. If you frequently make changes to your website, WP Engine is the best choice. Here is the exclusive link to get WP Engine WordPress hosting plan at a huge discount.

wp engine staging website

WP Engine Managed WordPress Hosting

2. GoDaddy – Other than Basic plan, GoDaddy offers staging site option for all other plans. The domain name is automatically generated. The staging option is available on GoDaddy account from My Products page> Managed WordPress> Manage All. Click on the three-dot icon and click on Staging. Here is the exclusive link to get GoDaddy WordPress hosting plan at the lowest possible price with free domain.

create staging website in godaddy


Method 2 – Create A Staging Website With WP Staging Plugin

If your web host is not the ones mentioned above and they do not offer you the option to provide you a staging website, you can create it effortlessly with the help of WordPress freemium plugin called WP Staging. You can get the staging website of your live WordPress website with WP Staging plugin as effortlessly as getting it from your web host if they had the option. All you have to do is click a button and get the staging website. Furthermore, creating a staging website will not affect the SEO parameters of your original website as the staging website hides itself from search engines and even web traffics.

Limitation Of Free Plugin – With the free version of WP Staging, you can create a staging website and make all the required changes but you cannot push the changes you made in the staging website to your original live website. Making the changes manually once again on the live WordPress website is time-consuming and your website may suffer downtime and a mistake while making the changes manually once again can be fatal. As it is already present and tested on the staging website, it is a wise decision to push the exact changes seamlessly. For that, you can purchase WP Staging Pro to avail the feature. Here is the exclusive link to get WP Staging Pro at the lowest possible price.

How To Use WP Staging?

Step 1. Take a backup of your live WordPress website.
Step 2. Install WP Staging by going to your Dashboard> Plugins> Add New option and activate the plugin.
Step 3. Go to Dashboard> WP Staging tab. Click on the button Create New Staging Site button.

create staging website

Step 4. In the next screen, you need to give a name to your staging website and then click on Start Cloning button. The cloning process will start and take some time to complete.

steps to create staging website in wordpress

Step 5. Then you need to click on Open Staging Site button and this will take you to the staging website.

staging website

You can login with the same credentials as your live site. Then you can make all the changes you want to. You can find the difference of your staging website with your live WordPress website by looking at the color of the top admin bar which is orange if it is the staging website. Do not worry about duplicate content as your staging website stays private to the search engines and visitors. Once all the changes are done, transfer the changes automatically on your live website by purchasing WP Staging Pro.

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