Tables provide a great way to display or present data in an easily understandable format. So many website owners want to add tables in WordPress. So without wasting any time, I will show you the best method to create a table in WordPress.

Create a table in WordPress

There are multiple ways to create a table in WordPress but in this article, I will show you the easiest way to create a responsive table in WordPress.

We will use the Ninja tables plugin to create a table in WordPress. With this WordPress table plugin, you can create a responsive table in WordPress.

So Let’s start

Step 1: Firstly we will install this plugin by going to Plugins >> Add new from WordPress dashboard. Then search for Ninja tables.

Install and activate this plugin.

Ninja tables

Step 2: After installing the Ninja table plugin it’s time to create our first table. So go to NinjaTables >> All tables.

Click on “create your first table” button.

ninja table

Step 3: After clicking the “create table” button, you will be redirected to a page where you need to enter the table title (table name) and table description. So please enter both table name and description as written in below image. And after entering it just click on Add button.

wordpress table plugin

Step 4: Your table has been created. Now we need to add columns to this table. So just click on add column button.

wordpress responsive table plugin

Step 5: Here you need to enter your column name and this ninja table gives you a great feature of Datatype. Means you can select what type of value you want to insert in these columns.

Ninja tables plugin give you options like single line text field, text area, HTML field where you can enter HTML (It is the best option if you want to insert images or any other HTML data in tables), Numeric value, a Date field, and Select field.

After entering all the values just click on Add column button.
add column in table ninja form

Step 6: You can see that we have added the first columns to this table. Now we will add some more columns to the table by clicking on add column button.

create responsive table in wordpress

Step 7: Add new columns according to your requirements.

I have selected numeric data type because I want to add students roll numbers in this column. So it will accept numeric values only.

wordpress table

Step 8: After adding all the required columns, it’s time to add data to this table. So just click on Add Data button.

add data ninja forms

Step 9: Enter your table data here and then click on the add button.

There is a checkbox (Continue adding) on the bottom left. You need to check it if you want to add more data to this table or if you have entered all the data then uncheck it and then click on the add button.

how to create wordpress table

Step 10: I have added all the data to this table. Now I will show you how to add a table in WordPress post or page. So in order to add it, we need to copy the table shortcode. (Check below image for reference)

insert table in wordpress

Step 11: Just copy and paste this shortcode to your post or page where you want to display this table. This is the easiest way to insert a table in WordPress post.

wordpress table editor

Now you can see that I have successfully added a WordPress responsive table to a page.

responsive table wordpress

add table wordpress

So this was about adding tables in WordPress. Please share this article if you like it or comment below if you have any questions?

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