Suppose you want to change colors, fonts or any other styling in your WordPress theme but you will see that these styling options are not available in your theme. So at that time, there will be two methods to change or add custom CSS to your WordPress site.

Method 1: Customize CSS using a Plugin

In this method, you need to install a WordPress plugin to add or customize CSS. There are many plugins available for this task but personally, I like to use Simple Custom CSS. I am using this plugin for a long time and I have used it on many websites. Even orange titles on my websites are created using this same plugin.

So firstly you need to install this plugin. After installing this plugin you need to go to Appearance >> Custom CSS. You will see a Simple Custom CSS Panel where you need to write you css.

You can see in the below image that how I have added my CSS and you can see my orange heading code as well.

Simple Custom CSS

After adding your CSS code you need to click on Update Custom CSS button. Then your new CSS will be applied to your theme. So this was the first way to add or customize CSS to your WordPress website through Plugin.

Note: Sometimes your Custom CSS will not overwrite your existing CSS so in that case you need to use !important tag. If you will see above image, I have used !important tags many times in my CSS so that my custom CSS will work.


Method 2: Using CSS default theme customizer

Most of WordPress theme has default CSS Customizer option where you can add or overwrite your existing CSS. In order to use Theme Customizer, you need to go to Appearance >> Customize.


After clicking this link you will be redirected to theme customizer page where you will see many options related to your theme but you need to click on Additional CSS option but it can be written as Custom CSS on your side. Because it depends upon theme developer what name he/she wants to give to this tab. On my side its Additional CSS but I can be something else on your side like: Custom CSS.

additional css

After clicking this link we will be redirected to a page where you will write your CSS code. You can see an image below where I have written my CSS code and you can see that after adding my code, menu background color is changed to Red.

custom css


In the end, we can say that there are two easiest methods to write your own CSS code to WordPress. The first method is via plugin and second is by using default theme customizer. So its depends upon your choice that which method you want to use but I personally like to use plugin to customize theme.

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