There are two ways to install WordPress theme.

  1. Install WordPress theme from the dashboard.
  2. Install WordPress theme via ftp.

Method 1: Install WordPress theme from dashboard

The first way is to install WordPress theme via WordPress dashboard and it is very easy as well. In order to install new theme you need to go to Appearance >> Themes. You will see a list of Themes which have installed. If you want to add new a theme then you need to click on the Add New button:

install wordpress theme new option

install wordpress theme

You can see that you can install a theme from this page and you can enter your search keyword as well. You can see that I have added blogging as a search keyword. You can see some other filters like Featured, Popular, Latest, Favorites.

Afer selecting your theme you need to click on install button and then click on activate button to activate your selected theme.

activate wordpress theme

Now you have your new website ready with new look and feel.


Method 2: Install WordPress theme via Ftp

The second way is to install WordPress theme is via ftp. You need to connect to ftp via Filezilla or cuteftp whatever you want to use.

Firstly you need to connect to Ftp. I am using FileZilla which you can see on the image. Then you need to go to wp-content >> themes and then from the left panel right click your theme folder and then click on upload option. You will see that your theme will start uploading. Once your theme is uploaded, you need to go to WordPress dashboard and then go to Appearance >> Themes.

upload wordpress theme ftp

You need to open wp-content and then themes folder and then you need to upload your theme on themes folder. Once this theme is uploaded then you need to go to WordPress dashboard. Then go to Appearance >> Themes.

activate wordpress theme

You will see your uploaded theme, now you just need to activate your theme and then you will see your website with new look and feel.

So these are two ways to install WordPress theme. If you have any question or you are facing any issue please comment below.

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