Nowadays every website owner likes to find the best way to contact their customers so that he/she can contact them easily. There are many chat options are available but most of them are paid. So Facebook Messenger is the best way to interact with your website visitors because most of the people in this world have their Facebook accounts. So using Facebook messenger will make easy for both website owner and website visitor to contact each other.

In this article, I will show you steps to integrate Facebook messenger to your website so that your website visitors can contact you easily via Facebook Messenger:

Step 1: Install WP Chatbot Plugin

We will use WP Chatbot plugin to add facebook messenger on the website. So firstly we will install this plugin. In order to install this plugin you need to go to Plugins >> Add New.

Then search for ‘WP Chatbot’ in the plugin search box and then you will see this plugin. Click on Install Now and then Activate button.

use facebook messenger on website


Step 2: Login to the developer account.

Click here to login to facebook developer account. If you are already logged in in facebook then you don’t need to log in again to developer again. You will be automatically logged in to the developer account.

login to facebook developer account

Step 3: Create a New App

At the top right corner of Facebook Developer Account you will see ‘My Apps‘ click on it and then click on Add a new app.
create new app on facebook

After Clicking on Add a New App you will see this popup window. You need to give a name to your app and then click on Create App ID button.

give facebook app a name

Step 4: Enter code for Security Check

After click on the Create App ID button, it will perform a security check. So you need to enter given code or text and then click on Submit button.

enter text to create facebook app

Once you will click on Submit button, then on the next screen you will see App id at the top of your screen. You need to copy this App id because we need this ID in order to use facebook chatbox on our website.

Step 5: Copy APP ID

find app id in facebook

Step 6: Go to Chatbot and Enable it

If you have installed and activated WP Chatbot plugin then you will see WP Chatbot panel on WP Dashboard. Click on it and you will be redirected to WP Chatbot settings page. Firstly enable this plugin. Now we need two things to make this plugin work. First, is Facebook APP ID which we have already created. Enter App ID here and the second thing we need is Facebook page ID. In the next step, I will show you that how can you find facebook Page ID.

Step 7: Find Facebook Page ID

We have our App id and now we need facebook page ID. So in order to find facebook page ID, we need to go to our page and then click on About from the left menu(Please check below image).

find page id in facebook

Then on about page, you need to scroll down where you will find your Facebook Page ID. We need this ID so that we will be able to complete facebook messenger installation on the website.

how to find facebook page id

Step 8: Enter Facebook Page ID

Now again go to WP Chatbot from WordPress dashboard and then enter this page id on Facebook Page ID textbox and then scroll down and click on Save Changes button.

facebook page id

WP Chatbot Setting page

After Clicking Save Changes button goes to your website and then you will see that facebook chatbox is installed on your website. Now, you will be able to chat with your website visitors directly from your facebook messenger.

facebook messenger chatbox on website

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