In order to reach new heights in business, marketing is important. Similarly, Google Webmaster is important to get traffic from Google. Like all other apps from Google, a Webmaster is also a free tool. Almost all Website owners use Webmaster to have a look over the relation between their website and Google (as a search engine).

Here I will be sharing a guide with you through which you easily Add your website’s sitemaps to Google Webmaster 2019. Before proceeding towards the guide, you need to create an account on Webmaster if you haven’t yet. Once you are logged in to webmaster account, you have to add your website and need to verify it. If you haven’t verified your website yet then you check our guide on “How to add a website in Google Webmaster 2019“.

Note: – Google Webmaster 2018’s layout and the interface was very different from Webmaster 2019 thus, it is recommended to read the guide as per your webmaster’s version. But 2019’s Webmaster has some more features than 2018’s webmaster.

Now, let begin with the Guide Itself.

Step 1# Login to your Google Webmaster account.

The very first is to login into your Google webmaster with the account in which you have added and verified your website.
How to Submit a sitemap to Google

Step 2# Select property

This step is mainly for those who have more than 1 property (website) in their webmaster account. In such situations, make sure you select the appropriate property so that any sort of error can be avoided. You will get the option to select the property in the top left corner of your webmaster account layout. Before proceeding to the next step make sure you have selected the correct property.
submit sitemap to google wordpress

Note: – Adding wrong sitemaps to a website can affect is indexing and it may affect your website’s traffic adversely.

Step 3# Select Sitemaps Options

Once you have selected your desired property, all you need to do is to navigate to the “sitemaps” options available in the left sidebar of the webmaster tool.

Step 4# Paste the link

After selecting the sitemaps option, you will see a new webpage that will be asking for some kind of URL starting with your website link. In that section of the webpage, you have to insert the link of the sitemap that you have generated.

How to submit your WordPress site to Google Webmaster Tools

If you haven’t generated your website’s sitemap then you need to generate the sitemap ASAP! You can read our guide on “How to create a sitemap in WordPress“. In this guide, we have explained two different methods through which you can easily generate sitemaps on your WordPress Dashboard itself.

Step 5# Hit the Submit Button

After inserting the link of your website’s sitemap, you have to enter the Submit and rest all will be getting executed automatically. Within a few seconds, you will see a popup on your webmaster screen with a message “Sitemaps submitted Successfully”.

submit sitemap to google search console

That’s all You have successfully added your Website Sitemaps in Webmaster. Wait for 2-3 days or even more to let your sitemaps getting indexed in Google. You must check your webmaster regularly because you might get some errors in your sitemaps or website and these types of errors need to be omitted as soon as possible to avoid any ranking drop or traffic loss.

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