More digital marketing approaches have come up and most probably you may be asking yourself as to whether email marketing is still crucial. The undisputed answer is ‘yes’. The creation of solid email marketing plan assists especially in connecting with your target customers in a tailored way and also escalates the sales at a reasonable cost.

Email marketing provides you with tools that improve the ability of your business to reach more customers than usual. Some of the other ways of marketing your sales may include but not limited to SSM (Social media Marketing), and use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Consultant.

Email marketing surpasses all the aforementioned methods since close to 34% of the individuals’ worldwide uses email. Therefore marketing via email will enable you to get connected to about 2.5 billion individuals, can’t you see that is so great? Below are some of the reasons why you should opt to market your business via email:

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Email Marketing is less expensive

Email marketing can be incorporated into any type of marketing strategy that your business has without necessarily suffering any extra costs. This basically means that you get profit without expenses. It may appear that many types of online promotion as well as marketing are cheap and needs less investment but I want to assure you that email marketing is by far economical. What you need to do is only to employ someone to run your mailing lists and you will realize full promotion operation at your disposal. Make sure you employ someone with good skills in email marketing. You may initially start with $1 Aweber marketing tool.

When you compare the cost per conversation, it is extremely cheap with email marketing. Some email promotion services for example SendGrid costs about $0.0006 cents for every communication at their platinum-selling email level. On the other hand, Mailchimp enables you to send a maximum of 12,000 emails per month for free. Amazingly, they provide as well greater monthly schemes for growing trade with a maximum of 600,000 subscribers and greater volume of sender strategies for anything above that.

Vertical Response, an email marketing company provides a maximum of 4,000 free email promotion per month as well as 1000 email contacts. They as well provide subscription services, especially for higher-volume senders.


An easy way of measuring your efforts in promotion

There is always no presumption in an email promotion. As long as you use any email promotion software, you can always trail who opened your email, the links which were connected, and even the number of persons who unsubscribed. You can effortlessly obtain the images of your email campaign performance, make some adjustments and improve the effectiveness. Email marketing metrics enables you to measure as well as monitor your internet promotion plans as a whole.

Most of many email promotion software permits for split examination of your emails. With this, you can easily measure the effectiveness of the campaign.

Email marketing enables you to track the rates of items such as delivery, bouncing, non-subscription, click through as well as open rates. These enable you to understand best how the email promotions work.

Enables you to personalize content for a greater response rate

Email marketing enables you to segment your customers into lists and send each list a made-to-order email information that resonates with your targeted customers and can give them some valued item. Email promotion software enables you to address your targeted customers independently by name, separate some topics for some specified customers on your list and finally reach them privately via their individual inbox. Emails having subject highlights that incorporate the recipient’s identity are 22.2% more probable to be opened (Report by Adestra in 2012)

Email promotion is very crucial for the creation of connection with leads, prospects, present customers, and even recent customers since it enables to contact them directly via inbox at their convenient time.

Email marketing is timely

One of the importance of email marketing could be to sell your goods and services only if you approach it in the right style. It’s very crucial to use as many customers’ data as possible. Send the customers special offer especially on their birthdays or even let them know their beloved dishes is half off. This is more important than merely sending them a menu.

This email promotion plan includes periodic offers as well enabling you to market a holiday special sale or even an annual sale. In this plan, ensure you create some sense of urgency for the offers, customers will probably buy when they realize the business ends soon.

Email marketing is action-oriented

Most people nearly 91% of the customers use emails. This alone should persuade you to use the tool. Everyone using the emails is proficient in an email reply, sign-up, click-through, forward or even direct buying. Can this change your business? Sure it can!

Naturally, email is transactional you can, therefore, use it in directing traffic to your site thus get sales. In the B2B world, emailing is so immense and it counts for the most renowned ways of communication especially for nearly 73% of the deals.

Email promotion escalates brand awareness

Email marketing improves your interest level, brand awareness and many other current information updates especially by the remaining top of mind. This does not mean that you send many emails daily to a customer. Instead, if you try sending such many emails to the customers, they will start hating you and even unsubscribe. Once you possess a customer’s email, it clearly shows that they were interested in your deal and this should enhance your ability to escalate their interests. While emailing ensure you build your consumers trust.

Promotion of any product via Email marketing is very simple

Running email promotion is very easy, no real effort is required. It’s crystal clear that if you do it well then, your email recipients will never hesitate to check on what you offer. You will realize a great gain in your business if you decide to go this way.

Enables you to reach out to many mobile customers

In the modern world, mobile devices such as phones, tablets among other complex peers have seriously simplified the access of information. People can check their emails at all the time at their own convenience. A research conducted last year by Exact target shows that 91% of individuals use their smartphones in accessing their emails. This clearly makes email promotion stand out as compared to other social media marketing plans.

Enables you to keep close contact with your customers

Emails inform your customers. The latter are able to check their emails at their convenient time. This gives them the impression that you are always thinking of them. So try to endorse their feeling. When emailing, greet them, ‘Hi, you are always in our mind, here are some of the new offers”. Such words drive feelings and with no option, your customer will click on the link to really see the offer.


Culminating, recently email promotion has been ignored since some other flashier methods of online business promotions emerged, however, email promotion should never be undervalued. As discussed there is a great essence of sticking to email promotion. It’s crystal clear that a well-organized email promotion will improve your business. The only way is just to ensure that you employ someone who understands email marketing to run your business.

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