iPage is the full-service domain and it is the hosting provider that focuses on the small business that is will to step on e-commerce arena and now serves as one of the top web hosting companies.

It is owned by Endurance International Group, a Conglomerate that owns the top internet companies such as Bluehost, HostGator and Constant Contact. It is the product that tops with good better features, security and other factors.

Like all the products it is good to have a look at the iPage reviews as well for a better understanding of them before you buy them.

History of iPage

iPage was found in the year 1998 in Burlington, MA, by Thomas Gorny. At the initial stage it was something to provide the web solution but later in 2000 the function of the company was put in the hold and in 2007 they came with are-launch with 100% web hosting provider and they had two data center in Boston MA and its office in Burlington.

In present, the image in one of the leading and many providers and it is run by Endurance International Group (EIG). It has become the most recognized web hosting brands and now they are in more than one million sites. The team also has the pride that they are industry leaders.

The major aspects that iPage cares on is,

  • Email
  • Sites
  • Security

Features of iPage

Features of iPage make them more attractive and tend people to seek iPage instead of the others

  • Unlimited Emails: This feature comes with the testing functionality and helps you to test before you send them. Due to the availability of spam management, you will not need to delete any of the spam on a regular basis. Every individual mailbox has a maximum storage of about 500MB or 10,000 email messages.
  • Unlimited Disk Space: As far as used if the iPage falls under the consideration “normal operation of your iPage website” some users may get even ten thousands of file and the iPage will be forced to consolidate them.
  • Scalable Bandwidth: Some of the customers are happy with the unlimited bandwidth even though some of the power users may be encouraged in the upgrading from a shared plan to a VPS plan.
  • Unlimited Domain: Generally, users will know that it is easy to set up the iPage for initial few sites and later you may feel a bit difficult. To avoid such difficulties the better option is to look for reseller host plan or similar ones.

Other addition features

  • Free domain name
  • 100% powered by the wind energy
  • 99% uptime will be assured
  • The installation of applications is easy
  • You can have unlimited MySQL database
  • Every day malware and spam scans
  • Some free site-building tools can be obtained

Security features

Security is one of the most important that need to be concentrated about. iPage will assure you with some of the best features in order to provide security for your data.

  • 24/7 monitoring so if there are any issues immediately it can be recognized
  • Easy access to website error logs
  • Nightly backups and restores are available
  • Firewall
  • State of the art encryption is possible
  • Human monitoring of threats is assured

Site lock Security

It is the added security that you can have; with the help of this type of security features, you will be able to activate malware scans to safeguard your visitors from any virus and other problems.

Pricing factor

iPage is not the one that introduces many plans so the pricing is a bit straightforward. The topmost three rates are based on the core “Web Hosting” plan and when you add more features you will need to pay an additional amount for them. You can get 85% discount with Free domain name and Free SSL certificate by using this iPage coupon.

When looking at the factor of pricing it is not so easy to beat such an affordable web hosting, iPage. With such fewer prices, you will be able to access its great features like unlimited disk space, drag-and-drop site builder, one-click Word Press installation, free ad credits, and several others. Even though the speed is not up to the mark in the features are impressive and high to use.

Server types

iPage usually advertise only in one form of hosting. Even having three different types of plans, each website is hosted on a shared server and this will not offer flexibility if one needs to expand to a large number of audience or when they need to have wide reliability. It will provide VPS and dedicated options but still, it is not so easy to find them when you need them you need to dig in deep and search to sign-up them.

Automatically the shared system will not be the right option and suit for the fast and uptime. So the WordPress plans to become the right option but there is only less number of users per server. So this is the area that comes to be analyzed during the time of choosing them.

iPage performance

The performance is based on the comparison between the price and the performance. No one will prefer to end up with poor performance even when the lost is low. In such cases, iPage will be the best option and this will be proved from the iPage hosting reviews.

Speed of iPage

Most of the times, the performance is judged by considering the factor of speed. None likes to work or use slower websites even the search engine will push the slower ones to the back and they will give priority only for the faster ones. You can also choose one of the best plans based on the iPage hosting plans to make the greatest out of it.

Only when the web hosting is fine the website will be able to provide speed, when your web host is slow your website will automatically become slower no matter what you do. With such importance to hosting, iPage provides good speed and enhances the performance of your website and also helps you in the factor of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as well.

The Support

It comes with the best DIY support and it gives an option of well-organized knowledge, 24/7 phone server, live chat as well. The weaker area is the mail chat but otherwise, the customer support is strong enough. The knowledge is the key factor; the categories are organized in the form of the grid and thus it becomes easy in processing the necessary things. The articles also are detailed without getting extremely wordy and they will be supplemented by certain screenshots.

When you are with less knowledge in the area of hosting you can be assisted and you will feel to solve the issues with the knowledge base.

To make it simpler the knowledge-based is separated from the user guide and they are separated on different platforms instead of grouping them under one single platform.

On the whole, the best options like phone and chat are highly responsive with no delay of time. In addition, the knowledge base and the user guide are the additional factors to assist you. They are strong in the area of support and reliable as well.

Pros of iPage

  • Unlimited domains can be obtained
  • Free shopping cart and online store is available
  • They provide 30 days money back guarantee
  • They provide unlimited storage, bandwidth, and MySQL database
  • When you have paid and registered, the account will be activated instantly
  • You can host any number of sites in your account
  • It provides cheap hosting plans
  • The uptime is guaranteed for up to 99.99%

Cons of iPage

  • The initial price is low but once when you need to renew, the price is higher when compared to the competitor company
  • The statistics cannot be viewed in individual sites
  • During log in some time, it may lead to upselling
  • The domain price gets higher than usual after the first year
  • Only when you upgrade to any of the higher expensive plans you may have site building functionalities

The iPage website builder is reputable hosting provider that has a solid and good history of performance that provides in cheap pricing. When you are looking for the hosting site one of the best options is to choose the iPage and it is worth in the future as well. However, by going through the iPage web hosting reviews you might be strong and clear in the product.

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