Creating a blog undoubtedly is the best way to earn money. But, does every kind of blog has the earning potential?

You may have seen some popular bloggers that are thriving on the internet. They are successful because they have a huge audience, which shows interest in their content.

But, how will you know, which blog niche is best for you?

It is obvious that you should choose the area of your interest. Almost every kind of blog has the potential to earn internet traffic. But, certainly there are some niches that are more profitable than others and that is why they scale faster.

Let me tell you one thing, Blogging doesn’t require any programming knowledge. There are many platforms available to make a blog. But I personally recommend Wix for beginners because of its interface and easy-to-use features.

Some of you may have already been working on your blogs and getting good traffic. While others may not getting enough traffic so they are here to check whether their blog is on the list or not.

Today I’ll be sharing with you a list of types of blogs that make more money. And afraid not if you don’t see your blog niche in my list. Every blog niche can generate money if one truly knows how to generate?

So, that is why I’m here to talk about some popular blog niches so that you will understand how they have more earning potential than others.

But before that, I want you to learn about the types of content, which is also an important factor that determines the success of your blog.

Types of Content

There are two types of content on the internet.

Everlasting Content

It is the content that lasts forever. The content that has a longer life and never becomes obsolete. Everlasting content has high competition because its demand doesn’t decrease with time. People always like to read topics that come under everlasting content. They barely lose their interest and always find them useful to read.

So, if you are new to blogging and unsure about the kind of content you should put on your blog. I probably recommend you to write everlasting content. It is safer and has longstanding results.

Let me give you more clarity by showing some examples: Health tips, Cooking tips, workout tips, parenting tips etc.

Trending Content

It is another type of content that makes money. It has a shorter life than everlasting content and its demand on the internet decreases with time. Moreover, it has comparatively less competition, thus making money from it is easier and faster.

It presents the topics that are in trend, topics that are popular for a specific period of time.

You need to do a lot of research to find about the things that are in vogue. And putting content at the right time will help you to earn more money with fewer efforts.

You can search trending topics on Google Trends website.

Take the search term “iphone 11 review” for example.

Google trends

You can figure out from the image that at the time of its launch searches were very high. Although it was a very short span of time but you can expect the growth of income of some bloggers during this time.

I don’t recommend you to start your blog with trending content because it loses popularity with time. And, you won’t get traffic once the topic is out of trend. You can’t expect a good amount of money from trending content for a long time.

ProTip : Only Content is not everything to make a blog successful. You need to optimize it by choosing the right types of keywords for your blog.

I hope, you understand two different categories of content. Now, it’s time to show you the types of blogs that make more money.

Health and Fitness

Health and Wellness is one of the best blog niches to start with. Sharing your health secrets with the audience and encouraging them to add a good diet to their routine is a good way to earn traffic to your blog.

Mental and physical fitness is important to live a healthy life. People like to read about health tips that help solve their health issues. If you’re a fitness freak who is passionate about giving health guidance to the others for free then this blog niche is really for you.

Let me give you an example  The Healthy Maven is a health and fitness blog, which was started by DavidaLederle to help those who want to learn healthy recipes and workout tips.

She mostly gives nutritional diet tips and her main ways for generating income are from sponsored content, ads, affiliate marketing, and her own skin, hair and body care products.

Let me give you an example- Organize yourself skinny is a health and fitness blog, which was started by Tammy Kresge to help those who want to learn healthy meal recipes and diet management to become fit.


She mostly gives nutritional diet tips. In March 2016 she earned a total of $13,018 and her main ways for generating income are sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, and display advertisements.


If you have a creative spark in you and if you love creating a craft, this blog niche is definitely for you. You can expect good money if you are delivering interesting content to your audience.

Showing your art by creating decors, by making fabric art or anything, you can capture and hold the attention of the audience. You can captivate them by showing how waste material can be converted into useful products using art.

Knowing your audience would be challenging here, but once you know, it will be easier to persuade them. You can generate good money using the DIY-Craft blog.

The shabby creek cottage is a popular blog created by Gina, who entertains her audience through art and creativity. She teaches them about creating crafts and making decorating materials.  She also do cooking experiments to make tasty dishes.


In November 2016 she earned a total of $25,319. She mainly generate income from Affiliate marketing, Sponsored Posts, Display Advertising and Product Sales.

bluehost free domain


Financial blogs provide information, news, and opinion related to the finance industry. If you are interested in giving tips to others about how to save money effectively, you can create a finance blog.

People always show interest, when it is a matter of money. You can share articles on banking, investing, estate planning, insurance, mortgages, budgeting, saving, and much more.

By providing valuable insights into the topics that tell how to make, manage and save money effectively, you can make money yourself.

Kristin Larsen of Believe in a Budget writes about budgeting and planning small to big things in life.


In March 2018 she successfully earned $33,406 through Affiliate marketing, Ads, through her Courses and Products.


Travelling is becoming common these days. People love to travel to different places to gain new experiences.

Creating a travel blog is highly beneficial. You can share your travel stories to thrill your audience. You can expose them to different cultures of the world.

The trend of travelling is increasing with time. So, this is the best time to create a travel blog. Travel bloggers and influencers can earn money by collaborating with brands and travel companies. There are various monetization methods which you can apply on your blog to make money.


Jacob Fu is a co-founder of, a blog that shares travel experiences of different parts of the world. Its total income in 2018 was $23,001.44.  It generate income from Affiliate marketing, Sponsorships and Display Ads.


Your love for cooking can make you a successful food blogger. Some say that monetizing a food blog is difficult. However, I believe that if you are passionate about it, you should start your own food blog.

You can make people crave your food recipes. Many food bloggers are earning a lot of money from their blogs. They’ve also started their YouTube channels to earn more money. You just need to build your subscribers base. Once you reach near 30k subscribers, suddenly money will start flowing in your bank account.

You can earn money from the ads placed on your website.

Show me the yummy is a food blog that shows the secret behind delicious recipes and teach its audience about how they can cook tasty food.


In December 2016 it earned a total of $46,367.  It drives income from Sponsored Content, Food Digital Workshops, Affiliate &YouTube marketing.


You can share parenting experiences and give tips to help parents to handle difficulties of parenthood.

If you are blogging about newborn, you can write about the stories of babies to share joy and pride. You can show some fun activities for kids and give reviews on baby products.

Sometimes, it gets difficult for the parents to understand the situation that may affect their relationships with their children. Here, you can share your ideas and tips through your parenting blog to make their condition better.

You can get large traffic and make good money from parenting blogs.

Easy baby life is a parenting blog started by Paula. She is a famous blogger who give pregnancy and other parenting tips for all the moms.


She was able to make $4,310 in April 2017. Her main methods of monetization are Amazon and Affiliate Income.

Beauty and Fashion

Nowadays, people prefer to take beauty and fashion tips from the internet. Especially, youngsters who are most active on social sites get inspired by fashion bloggers, who share their clothing fashion tips to look more attractive.

Girls love to read about the different styles of dresses and cosmetics that can help them look beautiful.

If you have the creativity of exploring and showing some good fashion styles to your audience, this blog niche will help you in generating a huge sum of money.

You can create your own fashion trend in clothes and accessories and increase your followers.

This blog niche is quite profitable, and there are many ways to monetize it. You can make money through affiliate links, through ads, Brand promotion, by selling your products, etc.

Julie Sariñana is one of the top bloggers in this niche who started her fashion blog Sincerely Jules. Through her blog she promotes designer clothes and accessories to her millions of followers. Apart from blog she also promotes her fashion through her Instragram page and she has over 4 million followers on it.


She almost earns almost $150,000 from a single sponsored post. Her other sources of incomes are Affiliate marketing, Display Advertising and Product Sales.

I hope, you like my list. And if you are planning to start your blog, you can pick out a niche of your interest from the list

I’ve mentioned. Work hard on it and you will certainly find an audience that will read, like, share your content and make you rich.

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