SiteGround Reviews 2021: Rated #1 Hosting in Social Media Polls

I am grateful to have SiteGround as my hosting provider. Not a single time my servers had lost track in the last one year and sustained 100% uptime till now. This SiteGround Review is an honest review on the basis of many people and ofcourse my experience.

Trust me! It’s a next-level thing that is dedicated to providing speed, uptimes, support and features that are outstanding.

Unlike other hosting companies such as Godaddy, EIG and some local hosting providers, SiteGround never tried to overcrowd its server so that every website runs smoothly without any interruption.

They take the whole responsibility of a website, from speed to security, without leading you to worry about anything.

Yoast is using SiteGround


Officially Recommended by WordPress


Take a look at what people think about SiteGround, I have collected some SiteGround reviews from Facebook, Twitter, Reddit…

SiteGround constantly strives to come up with new features to support its customers, making their website super-fast and more secure.

Again, I recommend you to avoid any other cheap hosting. Never fall prey to their fake promises as they will assure you of many great results but you will find none.

More and more your website will lose its existing strength on the internet.

So, the choice is yours whether you want to invest in cheap hosting to get Cheap results or want to invest in big hosting to get Big results!

SiteGround Reviews from Facebook

I’ve picked a random audience from Facebook to know their experiences with SiteGround.

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Siteground Reviews from Twitter (People who shifted to SiteGround)

Speed is the foremost thing that everybody looks for. I also had sometimes thought of shifting to another hosting for better speed, but found no reason to move because SiteGround is best.

There are many others like me, who had left their existing hosting and migrated to SiteGround, after realizing its speed.

I have collected some twets about SiteGround web hosting reviews.

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Server Response Times

You can use GT Metrix to check your server response times. If it is <200ms, it’s good. But if the servers take more time to respond, it’s a matter of concern.

If your website speed is low, the visitors will probably leave your site and look out for other options.

SiteGround is worth the money you spend on it, as it has the highest server response times.

You can also pick higher plans that have ultra-high-speed and have more server resources than regular shared hosting.

Amazing Customer Support

SiteGround is praised for its hassle-free customer support. They genuinely care about every single customer and solve their queries at the earliest.

They are available 24/7, and can be contacted via phone, live chats and helpdesk tickets. That’s why SiteGround Reviews are always 99% positive.

If I talk about my experience, each time they solved my problems promptly. They dealt with compassion and helping attitude, that is why they have a 100% satisfaction rate when it comes to supporting.

Apart from resolving issues, they are providing free informational articles on their website to educate clients on how to be an expert in solving issues they may face.

Advance Features

Even if you buy a basic plan, you will get a number of great features.

Which include:

  • Full SSD storage
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Support up to PHP 7.3
  • SuperCacher for high speed. Works with WordPress and Drupal
  • WP- CLI enabled
  • Daily backups
  • Staging for WordPress and Joomla Websites (only for GoGeek plan)

To learn about the other plans, please see the images below.

StartUp Vs. GrowBig Vs. GrowGeek

It is difficult to say which plan is better among all. However, I personally prefer GrowBig plan because it has a perfect balance of speed and other phenomenal features.


SiteGround Hosting Comparison

StartUp  This plan is basically for smaller websites that do not have much traffic. However, you can upgrade this plan once you start getting decent traffic on your website and get access to hundreds of fancy plugins and more resources.

GrowBig – With this plan, you can host multiple websites and get more server resources than the StartUp plan. Moreover, three caching (state, dynamic, memcached) will boost your website’s speed. Double the storage space, on-demand backups, and staging. This plan comes with just $2 more than a previous plan and gives huge benefits.

GoGeek- This is semi-dedicated hosting that is about 4X faster than regular shared hosting plans. It is comparatively cheaper than cloud hosting, which comes at $80/month. So, for those who don’t want to spend much but want all the premium features, they can avail GoGeek plan.

It is perfect for the eCommerce websites and gives PCI compliant servers as well as SG-Git.

Cloud Hosting

cloud hosting

Take your business to the next level with SiteGround’s managed cloud hosting service, ranging from $80/mo- $240/mo. It can handle a hefty amount of traffic with ease and provide better security protection.

Cloud Hosting is expensive, but the features you will get are awesome.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers are expensive of all, but you get high power, storage, bandwidth and immensely fast website speed. I personally never used this before but I’m sure it offers more effective features.

I will think of using this plan when my visitors will exceed 8000/day.

99.99% Uptime

As you could see above, mine was 100% for the last 1 year and before that, it barely dropped for only 2-3 minutes. SiteGround provides innovative solutions regarding uptime, to ensure your visitors won’t face any trouble while accessing your site.

If your prior experience was bad and you had faced server errors, bad gateways, connection failures when your site goes down, try SiteGround and you will never regret your decision.

They use Linux containers, server monitoring, and secure account isolation so your website stays up.

Many hosting providers promise 99.99 uptime but fail to deliver. Whereas, Siteground stands to its words and genuinely deliver the uptime they promise. Use it one and you will get to know how good is SiteGround.

Reason why I Chose SiteGround

  1. My GTmetrix report speaks a lot about it.
  2. Faster page loading speed
  3. Ultra-fast technology (PHP 7.3, NGINX, SG Optimizer, Cloudflare)
  4. Supported by great names like Yoast and WordPress.
  5. Free Let’s Encrypt SSL, easy to use cPanel, and features for eCommerceGrowBig comes with more storage, more server resources, and staging.
  6. GoGeek comes with even more server resources, storage, high-security support.
  7. Free migrations, migrator plugin, and a 30-day money-back guarantee
  8. Tons of praise on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter…
  9. A large number of people already shifted to SiteGround.

You can also tell me about your experience with siteground below in the comment section. Just start with #SiteGround Review.

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