Burning midnight oil to improve your website rank but don’t find satisfying results? Don’t worry, WordPress SEO plugins are available to help you.

WordPress offers 90+ SEO plugins. Big number! But, what are the absolute best?

You have no time to check every single SEO plugin, right?

So, to make your choices easier, I’ve brought 3 ultimate WordPress SEO plugins that will bring your website back on track and boost its performance.

The plugins I’m going to talk about are top most popular SEO plugins that I’ve had used for my website. And to tell you, I have tested almost every plugin before and these three are the ones I’ve had the best experience with.

Let’s talk about them and see what they have to offer for you.

Yoast SEO

Having over more than 5 million active downloads, Yoast is always everyone’s favourite. It is the most trusted WordPress SEO plugin that takes care of every aspect of WordPress website.

Let’s check out the features it offers.


  1. Verify your website in Webmaster tools of Google, Bing, Yandex and Baidu.
  2. Automatically create XML sitemaps for faster indexing.
  3. Predefined templates of SEO Titles and Meta Description for pages and posts can be created.
  4. Noindex categories, tags and media pages from being indexed in search results.
  5. Create breadcrumbs.
  6. Bulk Editor Tool allows you to quickly change Meta titles and descriptions of your posts and pages without having to go into the editor for each page.
  7. File Editor Tool allows you to quickly change your robots.txt file if you have one.


  1. You can add schema data to every blog page and post to get better chances of ranking in search engines.
  2. You can set your customized Meta Titles and Descriptions in pages and posts.
  3. Open graph tags and twitter cards can be added to facebook and twitter.
  4. Yoast adds canonical tags on similar pages which is a good seo practice.

It also provides the content analysis report. This feature shows you how well your page or post content is optimized for your targeted keyword.

yoast seo wordpess plugin

You will get your analysis for a particular post or page. This will ensure that you have used your targeted keyword in SEO Title, description, URL and within the content.

Your keyword density must be good; means you have used your keyword in content with the range of 1-2%.

This feature will keep a check on the internal links which you have used in your content pointing towards other posts.

Basically, it analyzes your on-page content and suggests you the required changes. However; do not stick to the recommendations because it is just software and you know your keywords better.

Readability Analysis

This analysis tells you the quality of your content how easy or difficult your content is to read. It is called (Flesch Reading Ease), the score which is given to your content according to its difficulty level. It also tells you the paragraph length, sentence length and subheading distribution.

All in one SEO

If you want to go the extra mile to improve your site’s performance then ALL in One SEO Pack is for you. It is quite similar to Yoast, but it is more efficient, customizable and comes with few extra features.

Apart from the yoast features, it has some extra features too. See what you can do

  1. You can check your system status and optimize performance related to SEO. For example: PHP memory limit and execution time can be increased through the interface but in yoast you have to manually raise the limit in cPanel.  This feature also shows you how much memory your plugins have occupied. To check the performance, you just need to activate this feature from the feature manager.
  2. Edit your robots.txt via a user-friendly interface.
  3. You can enable auto generate Meta descriptions.
  4. Easily edit your .htaccess file without FTP.
  5. Along with the schema markup, All in one SEO has the option to enable sitelinks search box  markup .
  6. Block “bad bots” including referral spam.

So, if you want to optimize your site easily with out of the box features, you must try this SEO plugin. It has advanced options and an API for developers.

Rank Math

Rank Math WordPress SEO Plugin is one of the mind-blowing SEO plugins on the market. It can take your website to a whole new level with its outstanding features.

I’m happy that I have switched to it. It comes with a whole lot of amazing features and user-friendly options.

Moreover, it also has a setup wizard that makes your installation process easier and guides you through every step. It has an impressive User Interface.

How is it better than the above two plugins I’ve just mentioned?

  1. Easy to follow Setup Wizard – Rank Math’s easy configuration and step-by-step guidance will help you to install and set up SEO effortlessly.  It set up social profiles, webmaster profiles and other essential SEO settings.
  2. Simple & User-Friendly Interface – Its amazingly clean and powerful user-interface puts important information about your post first, so that you can improve its quality further.
  3. Fix Google Crawl Errors.fix crawl errors wordpressHaving a built-in 404 error monitor is another great feature that helps you to track and resolve 404 errors for better user experience.
  4. Automated Image SEO.image seoRank math automatically adds ALT and Title attributes to all your images. It doesn’t even change your posts to achieve this.
  5. 14 Google Schema Markup types – Whether you run an online store or review website, Rank Math covers all the schema types and helps you to attain high rank by making your website SEO-friendly.
  6. Provides Advanced SEO Analysis on the basis of 40 factors.seo analysisIt has an advanced SEO analysis tool that examines your website by diving in its technical infrastructure to detect the issues, opportunities and recommended fixes.  It runs an SEO test and gives you suggestions on the basis of 40 on-page SEO factors.
  7. Smart Redirection Manager.seo page redirection in wordpresRank Math’s blazing fast redirection manager will help you create, manage, delete, enable, or disable redirects with a couple of clicks.
  8. Power Packed with features but still lighter than other WordPress seo plugins. Inspite of so many amazing features Rank Math is built with just 30k lines of code as compared to 50k of other plugins.
  9. Integrated LSI Keyword Tool.You can get multiple variants of your main keyword with the help of Integrated LSI Keyword Tool and drive more traffic to your post.
  10. Track keyword Ranking.You can track keyword ranking from the search console, without paying for any service.
  11. Google Search Console Integration.
    Rank Math has integrated Google Search Console. You can have an insight of keywords, indexing issues and sitemap status directly in your WordPress admin.
  12. Optimize your posts/pages for unlimited keywords.Rank Math SEO Plugin gives you an access to optimize your post for up to 5 different keywords by default and to optimize for unlimited keywords you can download a filter (For free).
  13. Add overlay icons on Social Media Images.With Rank Math, you can add the overlay icons on social media images and increase your clickthrough rate.
  14. Display Breadcrumbs in themes automatically.The best thing about Rank Math is that it lets you organize Breadcrumbs on all the websites, even if the theme doesn’t support Schema.org coding.
  15. Google Keyword Suggestion.It gives you advice regarding focus keywords and eases your task by bringing suggestions directly from Google.
  16. Site Verification in Alexa and Pinterest – Apart from Google Webmaster verification, Bing, Yandex and Baidu, you can verify your site for Alexa and Pinterest too.
  17. Nofollow all external links – It automatically adds Nofollow tag to all external links so that no link juice can be passed to unwanted pages.
  18. Contact Info Shortcode – Contact Information can easily be updated anywhere you place it on the website just by applying Rank Math’s built-in shortcode.
  19. Local SEO Optimization
  20. Compatible with WooCommerce – Product pages of E-commerce websites can also be optimized through the features of Rank Math.
  21. Compatible with Easy Digital Downloads.
  22. Remove Stopwords like ‘a’ ‘and’ ‘the’ automatically from the URLs.

Still finding out what’s more?

Wait, it is not the end

New additions are coming to the Rank Math SEO Plugin very soon.

  1. Google Trends Tool &Keyword Comparison.
  2. News Sitemap for submitting websites on Google News.
  3. Video sitemap for submitting videos on Google videos.
  4. Link Builder Tool for Internal Linking.

Final Words

WordPress SEO plugins come in to facilitate your technical and on-page SEO tasks and manage your Website constructively.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t be that easy to handle the site’s SEO functions. It requires hard relentless efforts.

But, these plugins will sort everything out and take your website far.

I hope you liked my article. And if I missed any important SEO plugin on the list, let me know in the comment box.

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