If you have a website, a blog, or an E-commerce website, you have probably heard about SSL Certificate. This is very important for your Business’s security!

It’s very easy to find an SSL Certificate, but difficult to find the right one. Later on, understand what you are exactly paying for. This is because they have flooded the market. Most of the website owners/bloggers don’t have it easy finding the right SSL certificates either. Don’t you worry; I am here to help you.

What is an SSL Certificate?

First and foremost, let’s start with the basics. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This is also known as Digital Certificate. It acts like a PADLOCK, securing links between websites and web visitor’s browser. It ensures that any data that is passed between, remains secure and private.

SSL is well known for preventing hackers from stealing private and personal information like names, phone numbers, credit cards numbers, addresses etc. It also prevents theft of money transactions, data transfers and logins. In simple terms, an SSL Certificate ensures that your content is safe!

How does SSL Certificate work?

It works by checking data trustworthiness in a server or a browser. It sends information to your web server, and then the web server sends a digitally signed approval to start an SSL Encrypted session. The encrypted data is shared between the two i.e. the browser and the web server.

Basically, SSL offers security during the online transfer of sensitive information.

Types of SSL certificates.

There are 3 types of SSL Certificates. Your choice depends on the level of security you require for your website.

1. Domain – Validation SSL Certificate.

Domain – validation SSL or DV SSL is also known as low assurance certificate. It’s the common type of certificate issued. DV SSL is the best certificate for a website that only needs encryption.

This certificate is actually the cheapest and can be issued within minutes because its validation process is fully automated. Just prove the ownership of your domain and the DV SSL Certificate is all yours! You can prove ownership of your domain via email confirmation or by configuring a DNS record for the site.

This SSL Certificate is recommended for small blogs and websites where security is not very important.

2. Organization Validation SSL Certificate.

Organization validation certificate or OV SSL is the high assurance certificate. For you to obtain an Organization Validation Certificate, you will require several business/agent information like Real Business/Agent’s name, city, state and country etc.

It requires additional documentation to verify the identity of the company. It can take up to 3 working days to be issued. It’s recommended for E-commerce businesses that use a payment portal – such as PayPal or Stripe.

3. Extended Validation Certificate.

Nothing provides more trust and security than Extended validation certificate. It’s known as EV SSL Certificate. This is the newest certificate that requires the most strict validation process. It’s being used worldwide by most of the world’s leading organizations.

This certificate checks to ensure that your business is legal. It also requires information about the business as proof of the domain ownership. I know that this might sound like a lot, but it’s actually not. Think about it this way, now that your business’ records are available to the public, you will require the securest SSL Certificate to secure your records. It’s actually not a luxury but a necessity.

One exclusive feature of buying an Extended Validation Certificate is that your web browser bar will display a green padlock or a green bar on the modern browser to distinguish the secured site. This helps in boosting customer confidence as well as reassuring them that the transaction is secure. It takes 7 to 10 working days to be processed and it’s recommended for all e-commerce businesses.

Types of SSL certificates based on secured domains

This is a very important decision for you when planning to buy an SSL certificate. Besides the above three, there are other types of SSL certificates based on domains & subdomains. Let’s quickly look at the different types of SSL certificates based on supported hostnames.

Single Name SSL Certificate.

For this one, just as the name suggests, only a single hostname is secured.

Wildcard SSL Certificate.

Wildcard SSL Certificate secures unlimited sub-domains for a single domain.

Multi-domain SSL Certificate.

A multi-domain SSL certificate supports all different domains & subdomains.  Multi-domain SSL Certificate is highly recommended for those who have multiple domains & subdomains.

Unified Communications Certificate (UCC).

This allows you to protect up to 100 domains using the same certificate. Unified Communications Certificates are specifically designed to secure Microsoft Exchange and Office communications environments.

Just remember that using one certificate for multiple domains doesn’t affect you in any way.

Where to buy SSL certificate

First of all, when it comes to SSL, some of the big names are

There are also third-party resellers, such as Name Cheap, Godaddy and Comodo, which offer the same protection at discounted prices.

How to get free SSL certificates?

Is it possible to get a free SSL Certificate? Well, yes! Why do you need to pay for something that’s free! Here are few Certificate Authority house (SSL providers) to help you with that.

  • Let’s Encrypt
  • CloudFlare
  • StartCom
  • SSL For Free.

You can visit the above SSL Providers and get yourself a free SSL Certificate.

What kind of SSL warranty should I look for?

SSL certificates vary significantly in price based on the amount of warranty coverage they offer. However, the warranty that you get when you purchase an SSL certificate is usually for the end user and not the purchaser that is you.

An SSL Certificate is essential for your website in order to provide security, build the trust of your website visitors and for a better ranking. So get one today!

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