XML Site Map is something you must have if you want to rank on Google. The earlier statement was very rude and straightforward, Isn’t it? But that’s the only truth. XML Site Map acts as an indirect vital ranking factor. Having a Site Map of a Website is as essential as Updating your website regularly to maintain its worth.

In this article, you will understand How essential it is to have an XML Site Map of a website? How to create a Site Map? However, before that let’s know,

What actually is an XML Site Map is?

XML Site Map acts as a path for google so that it can reach your website. Among Billions of Website, you need to make yours stand apart so that Google can recognize it and can nominate for its searches. XML Site Maps will be acting as a bridge between your website webpages and Google. Through this bridge, your web pages will be ranking in google more efficiently.

In XML Site Map of your website, all web pages, website media will be displayed that are available your website. This will encourage Search Engines to crawl your web pages.

Why XML Site Maps are Important?

Let’s Say you have a website with over 100 articles on it. Now you have two options. One is to manually index each post whereas another option is to let google index them for you using your Site Maps.

You might get the same results lately, but Site Map will help Google to understand your website’s Structure. If Google is aware of a Web site’s structure then no doubt, it will be recommended more in the searches.

Apart from this, if you are bad at interlinking the articles then there might be some web pages which are not even recognized by Google till date, having a Site Map for that same website will tell Google about your every existing webpage. Nothing will be left out.

Which Sort of Websites requires Site Map?

There is a myth among the website owners that Site Maps are necessary for a big website, Website that contains hundreds of Articles and Blog. But According to Google, the following websites must have their Site Maps:

  • Website with hundreds and Thousands of Web pages – For Quick Indexing
  • New websites – For better recognition
  • Website with media content – Again for Quick Indexing

Although the above website’s list is minimal but indirectly it is saying that every website must have Site Maps.

I hope you have understood the basic concept of XML Site Map. Now let’s move forward and understand,

How to Create an XML Site Map in WordPress?

Specifically, I am taking WordPress as a medium because most of the websites are developed on it. Creating a Site Map is not very complicated especially when you are using WordPress. On WordPress, we have dozens of tools to create a Site Map for us.

Here I will be telling you the easiest way to create a Site Map. We will be creating Site Map using a Plugin named as “All in One SEO”. Follow the below mentioned steps to create a Site Map quickly:

  1. Install and Activate All in One SEO plugin. We will use this plugin because this plugin has all the features required for website SEO. So we don’t need to install separate plugins for website SEO and sitemap.
  2. create sitemap in wordpress

  3. After installing this plugin, firstly you need to activate its sitemap feature. In order to activate it, we need to go to All in one SEO >> Feature Manager. And then you need to activate XML sitemaps feature.
  4. how to create xml sitemap in wordpress

  5. After activating its sitemap feature you will see a new menu item under the All in One SEO in the dashboard sidebar. Click on XML Sitemap and here on this page you will find a link to view your XML sitemap.
  6. generate sitemap in wordpress

  7. Here is the XML sitemap of your website, which you need to submit to google.
  8. how to generate XML sitemap in wordpress

  9. This Plugin gives you additional feature through which you can select the content which will be covered under the site map and which won’t.
  10. create sitemap using all in one seo plugin

So, you have finally created a Site Map for your website. This sitemap is publicly accessible and now all you need to do it to tell search engines that you have created a Site Map. I hope you are clear about Site Map and its importance. 

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