Wix Vs WordPress 2021: Which Platform is Best for You?

Are you planning to create a website for your business? But not able to decide which platform to use. Probably, WordPress is the most popular website builder but it is not the only option available.

Wix is in the race of most popular website builders with 154 million users in 2018.

Designing in both of these platforms is very easy and anyone can design a website without any coding knowledge.

Now the question comes in mind who is the winner in Wix vs WordPress race.

I have used both platforms. So, according to my personal experience, I have made this Wix vs WordPress 2021 comparison.

I can assure you that by the end of this article, you will get the answer.

So without wasting time lets discuss below:

Ease of Use: Which one is user-friendly

Beginners choose Wix because it doesn’t require any programming knowledge and is easiest to use. You can make a website by yourself without relying on a website designer or developer.

Anyone with no knowledge of coding can create websites in WordPress or Wix.

WordPress: WordPress comes with a visual editor to write content in real-time and theme customizer in which we can edit the theme properties in a WYSIWYG interface.

WordPress comes with default Gutenberg editor which is a drag and drop page builder but you can disable Gutenberg and use paid drag and drop websites builders like Elementor and Visual Composer which can be used to create websites easily.

But if you don’t have coding knowledge then sometimes you might get stuck while doing customizations in WordPress and then comes the need to hire a web developer.

Wix: Designing a website in Wix is easier than WordPress because it comes with drag and drop page builder. You can just simply drag and drop the elements on your site, write content, rearrange the elements, add media like video or music.

Moreover, the interface of Wix is very user-friendly because the tools are easy to use and one can find any option easily.

Pricing: where is worth of your money

Pricing is one of the key factors while choosing a website builder. The Cost depends upon your need, so always choose the one which will fulfill your needs within your budget.

WordPress: WordPress is an opensource CMS and is free of cost but you have to purchase domain & hosting.

If you ask me, Bluehost is always a good option for newbies. It is affordable and it is 20 times faster than any other hosting. Moreover it is officially recommended by WordPress.

Here You can check the other features of Bluehost.

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Wix: Wix offers a basic plan for free but there are some limitations. First, you cannot use your custom domain name, your website address will show like this username.wix.com/yoursitename.

Secondly, it adds advertisements of Wix on the top and the bottom of your site. The basic plan does not have the necessary plugins like Google Analytics, Favicons, eCommerce, etc.

Wix has premium plans. They have differentiated all the plans in terms of storage & bandwidth.

These plans do not include apps in it, so you can buy apps later which you need for your website.

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Designing and customizing: which platform is easy without minimal coding

Website design is a primary factor for the reputation of your website. Your website design should be Impressive and user-friendly.

Wix: Wix has more than 500 templates in its marketplace. All the template designs in Wix are responsive. Using in-built tools we can easily change the look and feel of the theme, rearrange the items, change the layout according to the need.

WordPress: WordPress has millions of free and paid themes. Paid themes have more features and easy to customize, free themes also go through a strict review by WordPress. You can easily install WordPress theme and plugins to your website.

Users can download free themes from WordPress.org directory and for a paid theme or plugin, you can perform a search on the internet.

Which one is best: On this point the WordPress has a major advantage over Wix. Because there are lots of themes available in WordPress as compare to Wix.

Plugins and apps: which one is best for using plugins

Plugins and apps are third party extensions which can be easily installed on WordPress and Wix to enhance the functionality of the website. WordPress calls them plugins and Wix call them apps.

WordPress: WordPress is an open-source platform which includes millions of free plugins in the WordPress repository. With the help of these plugins, one can easily add contact us form, gallery, social media buttons and many more other options in their website.

Due to this factor WordPress, popularity is increasing day by day. The WordPress community also gives you an opportunity to develop your own plugin and sell it in the WordPress marketplace.

Wix: On the other hand, Wix comes with more the 200 apps in the app store that you can add in your website. We can easily download and install apps on our website.

Which one is best: WordPress is a clear winner in this because WordPress has a huge collection of plugins available in its library for users.

SEO Friendly: Which one is easy to rank your website

Seo refers to search engine optimization, it involves the process through which ranking of the website in the search engines can be improved.

Nowadays, everyone wants to see their website on the top of the Google search results to get a good number of visitors, it can be possible with good SEO.

Wix and WordPress both have options to do on-page SEO.

WordPress: WordPress has many plugins in its library. Without getting into the code of the website one can easily do on-page SEO. Some of the best plugins available for on-page SEO are Yoast SEO, All in One SEO, Rank Math, wp-smush, Wp-cache, google analytics which can help to boost SEO in Google SERP.

Wix: Wix has many apps which help to boost SEO. Wix important SEO plugin is “site booster” which comes in a combo plan of $3.44/month.

Site booster has lots of great features like keywords targeting and website tracking.

Which one is best:  If you ask me which is the winner in term of SEO. Then again I will say WordPress because WordPress has lots of free plugins for SEO Purpose.

Ecommerce: the Best platform for your online store

If you want to sell some products online then definitely e-commerce websites come in mind. Both WordPress and Wix has some advance features of e-commerce. There are various e-commerce Wix plans available in which one can easily design advanced features like cart and admin panel.

WordPress: Creating e-commerce websites in WordPress is very easy. You just need to install the Woocommerce plugin. It is available for free.

Apart from woocommerce, There are numerous plugins available for e-commerce sites for WordPress that you can use to sell your products, services, subscriptions, events and more.

Wix: Wix offers e-commerce stores only in their premium plans. Which means you can’t create an e-commerce site in Wix free plan.

Which is the best: I will not say WordPress and Wix in the case of an e-commerce website. Rather I will recommend another CMS that is Shopify. Shopify is specially designed for e-commerce websites.

Maintenance and management: How much time required for maintenance

Updating plugins and themes are very important for website owners so that one can get the proper performance and security on their website.

WordPress: WordPress regularly updates his cms time to time to fix their security and bugs. So you have to regularly update your themes, plugins and WordPress version.

But sometimes you can face compatibility issues where you need an experienced developer which can be a bit costly for you.

Wix: If we talk about Wix all the maintenance is handled by the technical team.  This is one of the real benefits of this cms.

Which one is best: Definitely, Wix is a winner because maintenance is handled by a technical team. But in WordPress, you may need a technical person if you will face any issue.

Help and support: which can easily provide easy assistance

WordPress: It has a big community of developers and users so you can find a solution to your problem from the WordPress community. Apart from this, there are lots of blogs and YouTube tutorials posted on the internet where bloggers give free suggestions and solutions to the problems regarding your website.

Wix: Wix has its own technical support team available to troubleshoot the user’s problem.  Wix creates his own article and video for support and user help.

Wix support team can assist with call and email if you need help regarding your website problem.

Which one is best: WordPress has lots of features but there is no option to take help of the support team through a call or email. You just have to rely on the solutions suggested in community. But if you use Wix platform we have a choice of customer support, email, phone number.

Data portability or Migration

Data portability means to migrate or move the data of your website like content, images, videos to another hosting.

If I compare between Wix and WordPress in terms of data portability then WordPress has plus point

WordPress: In WordPress, data moving to another hosting is very easy. It comes with option one-click exporter by which you can easily download your content in XML format.

It has another commendable feature that we can create a backup with the help of different plugins so you can download a backup of media file, email database.

We can easily migrate our website from one to another hosting provider if we are not satisfied with an existing hosting provider.

Wix: Wix has fewer options to migrate the data to another platform. We can only migrate blog in XML format. According to Wix terms and conditions. If our website is hosted on Wix hosting we can’t migrate it to another hosting company.

Our Recommendation

Wix is recommended for newbies: Wix is easy to use, Interface is available with easy navigation. There is a technical team available to assist you in any case of a problem. It is worth spending money on this if you don’t have coding skills.

WordPress: WordPress is open source and free to use the platform, it has many options available in it. Most of the plugins are free, lots of themes are available, data migration is possible. But it does not have a support team where we can call or drop a mail. So WordPress is recommended for people who have atleast some programming knowledge.

After reading this, In hope you will be clear with your choice and please comment if you find this wix vs wordpress comparison helpful.

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